Maghull – What of that missing bus shelter in Liverpool Road North?

Bus Stop at Old Library Site 07 16

I’ve been making inquiries into the missing bus shelter outside the site of the old Maghull Library via Cllr. John Dodd who sits on the Merseytravel Committee. This is what Merseytravel has said:-

The Developer responsible for the former library site has provided a purchase order directly to Clear Channel Uk Ltd for the provision of a new bus shelter at this location. Merseytravel has received confirmation of this aspect and we look forward to a shelter facility being reinstated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a specific time frame for the reinstatement but it will definitely be happening within the next 4-6 weeks.

Let’s hope it happens soon and certainly before the autumn sets in.

NATO and Jeremy

The Guardian has the story – see link above

Now this issue probably sums up Labour’s internal difficulties only too well. Of course Jeremy is a pacifist so we should not be surprised. Trouble is his leadership rival Owen Smith seems to want to negotiate with ISIS!

I am no Labour supporter but if I were a Labour Party member who on earth would I vote for? Smith is too right wing, seems too close to NHS privatisation and comes across as one of those Red Tory sort of Labour politicians who has a different answer to the same question on differing days and in front of differing audiences.

Jeremy, well he has principles and no one van deny that. And boy there are few politicians with them these days. But many of his principles are not mine.

No I could not vote for either but then again I have always been of the view that the Labour Party is the greatest obstacle to the progressive left anyway.

Thanks to Roy Connell for spotting the Guardian article.

Prof. Brian Cox deals with a climate change denier

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Don’t you just love it when a climate change denier comes face to face with a common sense and brilliant scientific mind.

Now why am I not surprised that Malcolm Roberts is from Australia’s anti-immigration One Nation party.

I wonder how many UK Parliamentarians are climate change deniers?

Brexit – The best resposte I have seen

The words below are those of a Jonathan Walker – I don’t know him but he has given permission for them to be quoted. A spot on reposte to the utter madness of Brexit….

I won’t sit back and allow mine and my family’s European citizenship to be stripped away from us without our consent after a non-binding plebiscite that was won by harnessing xenophobia on an industrial scale and lying about EU budgets and how they could be spent on the NHS. People saying ‘just move on’ simply haven’t understood the profound cultural, economic, political and social consequences of Brexit. This is the most serious constitutional crisis since 1945. The decisions that are being made now will affect us for generations. No, I will not just ‘move on’, or stop posting about it. Given that we lack an effectively Parliamentary voice at the moment because Labour is led by a Eurosceptic and has turned in on itself this summer, it is more important than ever that those of us who value the European ideal do not abandon it, and seek to hold the government and Vote Leave to account. This is OUR future at stake.

Whiston Delph Ward By-Election – Labour cling on as their vote collapses over Green Belt building

Whiston Town Council Delph Ward – 18th August 2016

Labour 159 [36.1%]
Lib Dem – Paul Shaw 157 [35.6%]

Lab Majority: 2
Turnout: 20.26%

Wow this was close with a number of recounts I hear. This was solid Labour territory but no longer.

Reminds me of the Maghull Town Council North Ward by-election in February of this year. My previous blog posting refers:-

Labour then lost the following Maghull Sudell Ward election in May to an Independent and you know what it was on the same major issue – A Labour-run Council (in this latest case Knowsley Borough) sanctioning building on the Green Belt!

Merseyside – Where to see its preserved Locomotives and Rolling Stock – Posting 5

This is the last of my present postings on the subject of Merseyside locos in preservation.


This last posting deals with the Class 503 electrical multiple units that used to run on the Wirral Line of Merseyrail. A 3 car 503 unit is presently on show at the Electric Railway Museum near Coventry. The link below refers:-