Back to the energy smart meters

The Daily Telegraph has the story – see link above

‘Smart meters will cost £11bn – but you’ll be lucky if yours saves you £30

My friend and regular contributor to this bog site, Roy Connell, has been tracking the progress of smart meters for quite some time as readers may be aware from previous postings.

Roy has been sceptical of the claims made about such meters and it seems he is probably right to be such a sceptic.

Maghull – One of those I can’t quite belive what I have just seen moments

Last night, 9.45pm, its dark, I am just about to turn right in my car out of Larchwood Avenue onto Liverpool Road South and I am looking both ways to check Liverpool Road South is clear.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot movement to my right and then I see what to me is a very disturbing sight. Up to 10 men/youths riding cycles towards me. No lights on any of the bikes, all in dark clothing and the whole gang of them spread across Liverpool Road South taking up about three quarters of both carriageways!

How much danger is that? Yes they may have no concern for their own welfare but pity the poor vehicle driver that crashes into them and inevitably gets the blame for doing so!

I have seen such a stunt done before in Maghull this year on the duel carriageway A59 where a number of young lads were in effect blocking one side by riding their cycles in such a way that vehicles could not get past them but that was in broad daylight!

What on earth is going on how long before some of these cyclists are dead with a vehicle driver in court taking the blame?

Lydiate – Update on volunteer litter picking activities


I attended a meeting of Lydiate Parish Council last night and was pleased to see Nick Pope there who organises Lydiate’s volunteer litter pickers.

We agreed as a Parish Council to put £250 to one side to assist the volunteer litter pickers with the items they need to purchase to continue their great work in the community.

Below is a report of the last litter picking day from Nick:-

It went very well thank you, with more to come.

So this time we collected 11 bin bags of rubbish, covering the areas of;

Southport Road
Lambshear Lane
Part of Moss Lane
Pygons Hill Lane
St Catherine’s Abbey
The Canal bank.

All safely gathered in.

Pat McDonald and her husband intend to do Northway and Liverpool Road (I
think) this week, and Steve Pierce is going to do behind the Weld Blundell
pub and some of Moss Lane.

It is hard to put into words quite what an effect this visually has on the
area of Lydiate. What does come out is the expressions of thanks from the
passing public. Incidentally, we are not alone. I have heard there are some
‘lone wolves’ out there who do their own sections of Lydiate. I would love
to know who they are, so that I can both join them to this email so they may
know what else is happening in the area, but also from a practical view so
that we don’t cover ground they are already covering.

I am also aware that the Scouts did a section of the Cheshire Lines, well
done to them as well.

The next joint date then is Saturday 29 October 11.00 meeting at Lydiate
Village Centre at 11.00 (always the last Saturday of the month – same time).

Once again thank you all so much for caring for the surroundings where you
live. It is great to see the difference,



Sefton Bus Network – Merseytravel’s Maghull consultation event

I attended Merseytravel’s consultation event in Maghull yesterday held in their rather fetching and unmissable tent at Central Square.


I raised concerns about the lack of a bus to Ormskirk from Lydiate since the 311 was withdrawn. I also asked for a 231 circular bus to meet the last train from Liverpool each night rather than the service ceasing with the last but one train.

I do hope that these issues can be addressed as part of the review of bus routes across Sefton Borough.

Liverpool’s Mossley Hill Zoo & Mickey the Monkey

I never cease to be amazed by what my close fried 95 year old Charles Walker has to tell me about his world prior to WW11 living in Egremont and Wallasey and his times spent across the water (River Mersey) in Liverpool.

Recently he told me about his visiting a zoo in Liverpool with his mother that he recalled was in the Mossley Hill area of the City. A little Googling and the link above popped up with a fascinating history of the zoo with additional references to Liverpool’s other zoos.

Charles (known to his friends as Uncle Albert) said he recalled a monkey at the Mossley Hill zoo that everyone wanted their picture taken with. Well it turns out that the zoo was called Liverpool Zoological Park and it was short lived indeed – only 6 years from 1932 to 1938 although it had moved from Otterspool.

And the monkey? He was known as ‘Mickey’ and was supposedly the world’s cleverest chimpanzee! Please click on the link above and read all about him and the zoos he lived in.

My thanks to the Skittish Library, edited by Estelle Hargraves, for the information and link above.

And in looking for a photo of the zoo I came across one (see link below) on Flickr from Philip Mayer, which also has an interesting write up:-

Maghull – Petition to improve road safety outside Northway Primary School where lollipop man knocked over by car

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Following the accident last week where local lollipop man Ronnie Wilson was knocked over by a car a petition has been launched to press Sefton Council to take action.

I have signed the petition and hope others will too. Please click on the Echo article link above and follow the link in the story to add your name to the petition.