Sefton Mill – A further update

My previous posting from the 10th of June refers:-

A few days ago, in response to my recent postings on this subject, I received a message (via this blog site) to the effect that works were happening on the site of the old Mill and did I know what the works were related to. I had no idea as I had not visited the site for a month or more but went to have a look. This is what I saw:-


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I had a chat with the men doing the work and my understanding is that the lines of the walls of the historic Mill will be shown at surface level via the stone pathways that they are presently building. Soft landscaping will be reinstated in the other parts. I assume that an interpretation board will also be placed on the site.

A further visit today revealed how things had moved on:-

Sefton Mill site 30 07 16

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Please shout if I have anything wrong here.

Merseyrail – Labour-run Merseytravel Committee needs to be clear what they are looking for in terms of guards on new train fleet

A present 507/508 EMU Merseyrail unit at Crescent Road level crossing - Birkdale, Southport.

A present 507/508 EMU Merseyrail unit at Crescent Road level crossing – Birkdale, Southport.

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

I have blogged previously about the worrying potential loss of train guards once the new fleet of Merseyrail trains is introduced and agree with the RMT union campaign to keep train guards for passenger safety reasons.

My concern all along has been that Labour-run Merseytravel have been unwilling to say whether they are specifying guards on the new trains or not and it seems they are still unwilling to come off the political fence they have chosen to sit on.

This quote from the Echo article is telling:-

But a spokeswoman for the travel body said it could not reveal whether bidders to run the service were proposing driver-only trains or not, citing commercial confidentiality laws.

Surely it was up to Merseytravel to specify that it did want the new fleet of trains with a guard facility on them then all bidders to build the trains would have included such in their bids. Why has Merseytravel seemingly left this crucial decision in the hands of the train builders to decide? This smacks, to me at least, of the Transport Committee abdicating responsibility.

The photo above is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Bootle – Ford Station – Long gone but not quite forgotten

In Conversation with my old chum Charles (Uncle Albert) Walker (a young 95) the other day he was talking about the time he lived in Bootle on Park Lane and he happened to mention the fact that Ford Station closed almost exactly when he moved to within spitting distance of it from his former Wallasey home.

I have mentioned this Station before and my posting of 21st may 2015 refers – see link below:-

In fact as my previous posting noted Ford Station closed in April 1951 and Charles moved into Park Lane in late 1950.

This started me thinking about the fact that I did not recall seeing a photo of Ford Station so an internet trawl had to be done. And yes I found some photos on the excellent Disused Stations web site – see link below:-

Oh another anecdote from Charles; he recalls the goods yard keeping him awake at night with all the shunting going on long after the station closed. No wonder he moved again, although only just up the road to Maghull and only yards from its railway station, where he still lives.

Maghull – The Town Council has ‘forgotten’ to cut its hedges yet again!

This problem surfaced last year when a blind chap walked into the uncut hawthorn hedge along Eastway but the hedges here (on both sides of the road) are back again in last year’s overgrown condition. What’s more the hedge along the edge of KGV Park on the A59 (Northway) is in a similar condition.

Here’s a photo I took last Sunday of the hedging along Eastway:-


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Not sure what the problem is but surely Maghull Town Council can cut these hedges regularly so that folks do not have to run the risk of walking into the barbs of hawthorn? I have never seen neighbouring Lydiate Parish Council’s hedges in such a state.