Liverpool – Strawberry Fields Gates

Could these be the gates to one of the most well known places in the world at least in music rather than seen directly? The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.


Press Release from John Pugh MP

Southport’s Lib Dem MP John Pugh believes Sefton Council has failed Southport and crucially failed to respond to the concerns raised and expressed by the Local Authority Boundary Commission when they last looked at Southport’s position in Sefton.

The MP, who introduced a bill in this parliament to give local people power to request a review of council boundaries, believes that there is a clear need to re-visit the question of whether Southport’s future lies in Sefton.

“Sadly recent events, the closure of libraries, the disappearance of council offices and the lack of democratic debate on important planning matters underline all those problems identified by the Boundary Commission when they last did a review.

They put Sefton on notice but, if anything, things have sadly worsened since then.

Sefton used to be the “push me /pull you” borough with Southport and Bootle as the two centres with different priorities. Now Southport’s priorities are in danger of being totally ignored by a council firmly based in Bootle.

In tourism, in transport,in business its hard to see how Southport’s distinctive voice can be heard if we remain in Sefton.”

Eric Pickles the Secretary of State for Local Government throughout the coalition years has been adamantly opposed to any local government re-organisation. However, John Pugh believes whatever government we have post May will be more responsive to requests for boundary reviews. Devolving real powers to local communities is very much on the agenda following the Scottish referendum.

EDITORIAL NOTE – The 1997 Review urged upon Sefton “‘the encouragement of a culture within Sefton Council which recognises the distinctiveness and importance of Southport ”

Merseyside Police Stations closures – Meeting at Maghull Town Hall

As part of the public consultation by Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy over her plans to close old and too large police stations and move local policing teams to smaller premises a meeting was held at Maghull Town Hall yesterday evening. Trouble is virtually no one turned up.


I got a call from the press earlier in the day asking if I knew about the meeting because no one at the Town hall seemed to. I did but told them that I had already been to a previous similar meeting held in Liverpool a few weeks ago, in any case I was already down to be at a Maghull Town Council meeting in the same building at the same time.

Clearly something must have gone terribly wrong with the publicity machine in the Commissioners office or the press found the meeting details not worthy of giving publicity to.

I am sure Labour’s Jane Kennedy must have expected quite an interest in this matter from local residents but if they did not know about it how could they turn out to question her?

I have previously covered the matter on this blog site:-

Gonzalo – How it hit Merseyside

The Liverpool Echo has an article – see link above – and have a look at their gallery of photos.

I went down to the Marine lake at Crosby and it was wild indeed:-

Big sky and churned up Marine lane - Waterloo.

Big sky and churned up Marine Lake – Waterloo.

This photo and some others from Marine Lake are amongst my Flickr shots at:-