Southport – Hospital boss gets the sack

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Goodness me this one has dragged on and on. Surely it can’t have done Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust any good at all being distracted into what seems to have been a complex set of disciplinary matters involving a number of senior members of its management team.

With the NHS generally being close to being admitted into emergency care itself due to lack of funding you have to hope that our local Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust can now turn the corner quickly under an effective leadership.

Sefton Gun Crime – It’s becoming an all too regular happening

I know I keep banging on about the worrying gun culture here in Sefton and indeed across Merseyside but the incidents keep on coming. This one is covered by the Liverpool Echo – see link above.

Just how many illegal guns are in circulation locally? Are Merseyside Police going to be able to get on top of these all too regular shootings? What is our Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner doing to combat gun crime?

Brexit – and it’s sadly getting worse!

The Independent has the story on is web site – see link above

Well those of us on the Remain side thought this would happen just as we thought the Nissan car plant may be pulled out of the UK. Both now seem to be strong possibilities.

Of course we are in quite a Brexit mess and I wonder how bad things need to get before Brexiters realise that they have put the UK on the road to ruin?

Of course none of us has any love of bankers after the financial crash which we are still reeling from. But as the UK is a world centre for banking and it provides huge benefits to the UK economy why would we create an environment where banks talk of leaving for another EU Country?

Is it Brexit at any cost? I guess for some Brexit voters it really is better to be a 2nd or 3rd rate economy hidden behind fearful nationalist barriers rather than being successful within the EU.

My Jeremy Corbyn moment(um)

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I had a Jeremy Corbyn moment (or is that Momentum?) today.

I got on a Merseyrail train at Bootle Strand Station about 1.40pm travelling towards Southport and there were no seats.

Well there was one that I spotted when we got to Seaforth & Litherland Station but I pointed it out to an elderly lady.

At Waterloo the train significantly emptied out; wonder where folks were going to?

It’s now up to Merseyrail to say that I am not telling the whole truth I suppose:-)))))

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Maghull – Another ‘relaunch’ of the Maghull North Station project

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station.  Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station. Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

I have lost track (sorry) of the number of announcements and re-announcements about the building of Maghull’s yet to appear second railway station. I have blogged about it numerous times too. The project has been so long on the books that it probably has more chapters than the Bible.

Oh just get on with it so that local worthies can have their picture taken claiming they all had it built.

BTW has the price jumped to £13m? It’s not so long ago that Merseytravel were quoting £7m+ figure, but then again £13m is a £7m+ figure!

Why I am backing Carl Cashman to be Merseyside Metro Mayor


Yesterday I attended a hustings meeting at Dovedale Baptist Church Hall in Liverpool to hear prospective Lib Dem Mersey Metro Mayor candidate Carl Cashman speak. Carl is an impressive young man who seems to have that ‘X’ factor that many other politicians simply don’t.

So what are Carl’s assets? Well youth is one, being in his 20’s brings us a candidate unburdened by the baggage that many older politicians carry with them. He has a fresh perspective and one that folks seem to like.

Carl has not had a privileged upbringing; he was brought up a a Merseyside Council estate.

He is big on green issues and has been a thorn in Labour’s side as they keep trying to build on Green Belt and green spaces. This is a huge issue across Merseyside.

He’s already a Borough Councillor on Knowsley Council regularly taking on the appalling record of Labour in running that Council. This is the Council that was staring down into the abyss of potentially having no schools where young people could take A Levels recently!

He wants more social housing built. The Merseyside housing crisis is at it’s worst in terms of the supply of such properties.

He wants to find a way of improving the income of those living on the Minimum Wage. A Merseyside initiative to try to address our low wage culture – Why not give it a go?

The people of Prescot and Knowsley have taken this young man to their heart and I hope he gets selected as the Lib Dem Metro Mayor candidate so that more electors can find out why Carl Cashman is going places.

Oh and by the way, yes I know that the vast majority of us don’t want another politician running our lives but this new post (Merseyside Metro Mayor/Liverpool City Region Mayor) is being imposed on us in 2017 whether we want it or not.

It’s a result of the Tory Government and Merseyside Labour doing a second or even third rate deal which supposedly devolves significant powers to Merseyside from Whitehall. The powers are far too limited though and Westminster will still be calling the vast majority of the shots, surprise, surprise!

Carl wants to renegotiate that shabby deal so that we have real power over our own affairs locally. And he does not want power for himself but to push that power down to local communities wherever its possible to do so.

Carl is not a man to be told what to do by Westminster, neither is he a slave to a party political machine. Watch this young man go places.