Thornton – Switch Island Link Road

I have been tracking the progress of the building of this new road, on this blog site, for a while now having spent years campaigning for it with Thornton Parish residents in particular.

It was one of the highlights of my 30 years as a local councillor when the Coalition Government gave the project the green light but the real credit, as I have said before, goes to the people and Parish Council of Thornton who resurrected the previously killed off project. My contribution was to raise the issue within Sefton Council and then as Council Leader to take it to Regional political forms to gain support for the project. The rest as they say is history.

Here are a couple of shots of how things are changing around the junction of Long Lane and Southport Road in Thornton, where the new road will join the road through Ince Woods:-

Long Lane junction with Southport Rd, Thornton 22 10 14


Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Lydiate Resident Group – The back story to the Group that does not exist

Not so long ago I raised the question – Who are Lydiate Resident Group? This followed a rather odd submission to Sefton Council’s Local Plan 2nd round of public consultation. My previous post is here:-

Well it looks like things have moved on because I am told that the person who made the submission on behalf of this ‘group’ has now said that there is no such group and the opinions expressed were simply those of an individual.

The detective work was done by a local environmental campaigner who put Sefton Planners under pressure to do something about what he saw as being a rouge submission.

So Lydiate Resident Group can’t show themselves it seems because they don’t exist! Makes you wonder whether any of the other submissions to Sefton’s Local Plan consultation are not what they seem to be at face value does it not?

I have asked the Head of Planning and Chief Executive of Sefton Council to look into this matter and I await their response.

Sefton has removed the ‘group’ submission from its Local Plan web site pages.

Norman Baker MP – Great to see a Minister tackling “mindless rhetoric” on drugs

The BBC has the story – see link Above.


Great to see Norman Baker raising this important issue. Outside of the Tory press many, many people are of the view (including me) that the UK’s present policies on drugs are simply not working, never have done and never will do. Norman Baker is a highly respected commentator on many things but his views on this matter really do hit the spot. Nice to see a Lib Dem Minister making the Tories and indeed Labour squirm as their ridiculous attitude to drugs, which is little more than ‘let’s ramp up the punishments’ simply does not work.

Maghull Wind Orchestra Fundraise for Woodlands Hospice

Maghull Wind Orchestra put on a concert at Maghull Town Hall on 28th October to help the Mayor of Maghull raise money for her charity Woodlands Hospice.


The concert was Halloween themed and many of those in this large and excellent orchestra dressed up for the occasion.

These photos are not particularly good as the light levels were very low but have a look at Phil their conductor dressed as a pumpkin! Cllr. Jen Robertson can also been seen with her cat ears amongst witches and a skeleton.