There have been a quite a number of public protests in recent years across the Borough of Sefton against things like:-

The Post Office closure programme pursued under the last Labour Government which saw Maghull and Lydiate having 4 Post Offices axed:- Below are Lib Dem protestors fighting for the former Coronation Road Post Road Post Office in Lydiate.


Labour-run Sefton Council’s plan to close public toilets across the Borough. This fight was won by campaigners like those pictured below:-


Labour’s £46 Green Bin tax for Sefton. This was fought off in the Summer of 2013 but the comrades are expected to try to bring it back once again having only deferred it:- Cllr. Bruce Hubbard is pictured below with his massive petition against the green bin tax which caused Labour to lose 2 council by-elections to the Lib Dems in Maghull.


Building on Sefton’s Green Belt. Labour have got into big trouble over this by saying they would defend it whilst voting to build on it! Talk about being found out! Below are environment protestors lobbying a Sefton Council meeting at Maghull Town Hall. They were ignored!


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A petition against building on Green Belt being presented to Cllr. Dave Russell Chairman of Lydiate Parish Council.

A petition against building on Green Belt being presented to Cllr. Dave Russell Chairman of Lydiate Parish Council.

Then there’s the hugely unpopular library closure programme pursued by Sefton Labour Party on the Council. 7 Libraries have been closed and Labour have even refused to let volunteer community groups run two of the closed libraries!

Sadly this placard could also read 'NO' to volunteers taking over Aintree Library!

Sadly this placard could also read ‘NO’ to volunteers taking over Aintree Library!


The photo above was taken outside Southport Town hall as protestors tried to save 3 libraries in the Town from closure. Sadly, like the Green Belt protestors, they were ignored.

Lib Dem campaigners fighting Labour's library axe

Lib Dem campaigners fighting Labour’s library axe

Yes, there is a lot to protest about in the Bootle-dominated, Labour-run socialist republic of Sefton.

A study has concluded that the level of indiscipline in schools is being seriously underestimated because of the pressure to satisfy inspectors and keep expulsion rates down. It claimed that schools strain every sinew to create a positive impression of pupil behaviour for fear of damaging their reputation. The study, by the University of East Anglia, found that nearly all schools had a problem with unruly pupils. It warned that misbehaviour was “not limited” to the inner cities and had a major impact on small, semi-rural schools not traditionally associated with loss of control. Researchers said Ofsted figures showing that behaviour was good or outstanding in 92% of schools were misleading and “may seriously underestimate the extent to which poor classroom climate limits pupil achievement”.

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Repairs works to the bridge and canal are going well with the canal being open once again.

However, on 17th April the road over the bridge was still closed pending completion of the works.

These two photos show recent activity. The first one is of the canal empty of water on 31st March with a digger where water would normally be. The second was taken on 17th April as work progressed.



This last shot shows the new pedestrian steps taking shape.

Almost there after months of campaigning for the work to be done.

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The BBC has the story

A guest posting from Cllr. Jen Robertson

Lord Ronnie Fearn, Barness Shirley Williams, John Pugh MP & Anette Pugh

Lord Ronnie Fearn, Barness Shirley Williams, John Pugh MP & Anette Pugh

Good article (see link above), she as ever comes across as reasonable and sensible in a way politicians so often fail to. Even if I don’t always agree with her she’s always so compelling and rational.

13 Kids!


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Leeds Liverpool canal in Lydiate 18th April. That’s one hell of a big family to look after!

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Above is Sefton Lane in Maghull in 1956. I lived in one of the houses (No.27) from December 1968 to April 1982. I recently purchased the photo on ebay.

The same shot 57 years later

The same shot 57 years later, remarkably with little traffic on the Lane as it is a very busy road these days.

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Regions would get their own minister

The Labour party has announced that nine English regions would get their own Government minister if the party were to win next year’s election. The network of “regional ministers” would form part of Ed Miliband’s drive to devolve power and bridge the north-south divide. They would champion their areas and supervise plans to transfer £20bn to “city regions” over five years to be spent on job-creation, housing and transport. Ministers would be appointed for London; the South-east; South-west; West Midlands; North-east; North-west; Yorkshire and Humber; East Midlands and the Eastern region. Meanwhile, an editorial in the FT calls on Whitehall to give more power to the UK’s cities. The piece argues that Whitehall has too much power over local spending and that larger cities need to have greater control over important areas such as housing, skills and infrastructure.

Well here we have the Party of centralist control seemingly saying it wants to give power away, but it does not take long to realise that what they are really saying is that they will send a Minister to supervise, direct and control things! Another smoke and mirror policy announcement I fear from an ever desperate Mr Miliband seeking attention.

Of course the regions of England need power devolving to them, of course Westminster is too powerful – Liberals have been arguing this for generations. But you don’t decentralise by sending a boss from London to oversee what the ‘plebs’ are up to and keep them on the straight and narrow. Real decentralisation gives power away and trusts people to make decisions that affect them their families and their communities. You trust them to make mistakes as well!

Of course Mr Miliband’s problem is that he does not trust his own Labour troops in the regions of England; give them too much power and the next thing they will be promoting socialist ideals and doing left wing things.

This all highlights Labour’s fundamental problem; a right wing leadership (which at times pretends to be left wing) with a left wing activist and councillor base which most of the time is forced to do right wing things!

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Having represented Lunt Village for a number of years now I am fully aware of the activities of those who choose to dump rubbish rather than dispose of it properly.

Lunt Village has long been a fly-tipping area in its back lanes that, until recently, connected it with Thornton. The new Switch Island to Thornton Link Road servers the linking single track road that once connected these two communities. The road has been shut for a couple of months now.

Household junk

Household junk

Shut it may be but the dumping continues much to the frustration of Lunt’s residents who keep me posted about the environmental crime.

BT phone directories

BT phone directories

Recently I toured the area from Lunt right through to Ince Blundell with a Sefton Council Environmental Protection Officer. The objective was to make her aware of the problem spots from my perspective but also for me to understand what she can do to help.

Builder's rubble

Builder’s rubble

We found the usual rubbish – builder’s rubble, tyres, some asbestos, household junk etc. but the Environmental Officer saw something that I may have overlooked. Yes I saw it but instead of my thinking why dump compost she was informing me that this was the remnants of a pot-farm! We found quite a lot of it and a distinctive smell could be noticed if the compost remains were disturbed. We also found huge numbers of BT telephone directories in a stream – it seems that someone may well have been paid to deliver them to houses but they could well have pocketed the money and delivered hundreds of the books to the stream that sits at the side of Longdale in Lunt Village.

Pot farm remains and tyres

Pot farm remains and tyres

The problem – Evidence! We desperately need registration numbers of the vehicles bringing rubbish to be dumped. The problem, however, is that the dumpers and fly-tippers tend to turn up at the dead of night when no one is around.

More Pot farm remains

More Pot farm remains

We have previously discussed covert surveillance and this will be looked at again. The trouble is it costs an arm and a leg. But if just one fly-tipper could be brought to court, fined and made a public show of maybe it would be a lesson to others?


I was sad to see this Liverpool Echo headline and really do hope that Labour members in the Bootle Constituency are not trying to deselect Joe Benton MP.

I have commented before about Joe who is one of those politicians whom those of us in other political parties can honestly say is a good and decent man doing a good job for his constituents.

I do hope that Joe’s retirement will be a matter that he decides and that he does not become a victim of the ambitions of others.