Whom we elect – Thoughts of a Maghull elector

Maghull resident Mal Gore wrote this and it is reproduced with his permission:-

It was election time in Fairyland,
Voting fever should have been in the air.
But the three candidates were so boring,
Nobody seemed to care.

The king of the fairies had been banished,
No one believed a word he would say.
It was time to shake up the constitution,
A president was the call of the day.

Then just for a laugh one old fairy wag,
Persuaded old Morning Star he should stand.
His ideas were weird and when tried before,
Had bankrupted the gnomes in Gnomeland.

But the young did not know, the old had forgot,
Just how dangerous his ideas could be.
No need for defence, print money like mad,
Nationalisation, that was the key.

The gnomes in Gnomeland thought this was a chance,
So with fairy costumes bought on the gnome internet.
They rowed cross the pond and for three moonbeams spent,
A vote in the election they could get.

Morning Star won hands down, a great victory,
But after twelve months, how bad things had gone
The fairies were skint and with no defence,
The gnomes invaded, a victory won.

Now this is fairyland and so quite easily,
The status quo was restored with the wave of a wand.
The gnomes sent away, sanity was restored,
And Morning Star was drowned in the pond.

The moral we must take from this story,
Because in life what you vote for you keep.
Beware of starting events you cannot control,
Remember, what you sow you must reap.

Mal Gore.

Diesel powered cars – seems we were all conned!


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above


This thoughtful piece is worth a read because it does look like we were conned about the ‘benefits’ of diesel cars.

I for one was taken in and had a couple of diesel powered cars, maybe you were too?

How Labour will top losing the election – By losing its own leadership contest?


Frankie Boyle in the Guardian – see link above – has an amusing take on Labour’s internal election debacle. Funny but telling.

Thanks to Jen Robertson for the lead to this story.

Maghull – Car drives into hairdressers in Liverpool Road South and explodes

This was the scene around 4pm today

This was the scene around 4pm today



The Liverpool Echo has the story – see links above

Lydiate Nostalgia – Youth Club to Village Centre

Do you remember the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club in Lambshear Lane? My old chum Phil Davidson was involved in running it back in the day, if I recall correctly. Also, I seem to recall the old club being brought up on Facebook a while ago. Anyway, a trawl through some old photos by my old mate Andrew Blackburn brought this shot to light:-

Former Lydiate Parish Councilors Tony Fenton and Pat Foster outside the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club

Former Lydiate Parish Councilors Tony Fenton and Pat Foster outside the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club

Pat Foster left Lydiate a few years ago to live in Wales but Tony F can often been seen around Lydiate and Maghull pushing himself in his wheelchair.

Sadly the old timber building pictured above was burnt down.

The site then remained derelict for quite a number of years as Lydiate Parish Council tied to negotiate with Sefton Council (the land owners) to get Lydiate Village Centre built. Sefton could hardly be said to be positive about the rebuild project at the time and that’s being polite about it!

This is the cleared site before work stared on the Village Centre.

This is the cleared site before work stared on the Village Centre.

Pictured above are former Cllrs. Jim Byrne and Sylvia Mainey. Sadly Sylvia passed away in 2014.

Lydiate Village Centre - Opened in 2010

Lydiate Village Centre – Opened in 2010

The the story came full circle in 2010 when Lydiate Parish Council opened the new community hall with the help of a £500,000 Lottery Grant.