Lydiate – Carols & Bells to raise funds to save Lydiate Abbey

No sooner had I mentioned Lydiate Abbey (last posting) than I am asked to help the Friends of the Abbey publicise their Carols & Bells event to be held at the Scotch Piper Inn on Wednesday 7th December at 7.30pm.

Lydiate Abbey - a winter shot

Lydiate Abbey – a winter shot

I am informed it will be a sing along to all your favourite carols and Christmas songs and that all the money raised will go towards saving Lydiate Abbey and improving its surrounding area.

Lydiate – St Catherine’s Chapel – Parish Council to continue grounds maintenance

St Catherine's otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

St Catherine’s otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

Lydiate Parish Council has long maintained the grounds around this lovely listed ancient monument in Lydiate’s Conservation Area. The PC cuts the grass empties the litter bin etc.

The site is in the ownership of Liverpool Catholic Arch-Diocese and Sefton Borough Council has a hand in the management of the site too. And, of course, there’s the voluntary group – Friends of the Abbey which has been formed. That group has recently gained a £7,000+ grant from Heritage Lottery to fund a detailed assessment of the condition of the ruins with a view to trying to preserve them for future generations.

The latest issue was that the maintenance agreement for the Parish Council to undertake grass cutting etc. had come to an end but at the last PC meeting on 22nd November there was agreement for the PC to continue to provide such support.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer group their e-mail address is:-

Highways England! – Oh how I hate them today

Highways England were having another one of their regular crisis issues on the M6 today between junctions 19 and 18 and sadly we were in it!

Goodness knows how long we were in the jam, well over an hour I think but the really frustrating part of it was that we were on our way to funeral in Mansfield, which is about 100 miles away by road from our Merseyside home.

We had allowed 3 3/4 hours for the journey, which takes 2 1/2 on a good day but we had to give up and return home when we finally got off the M6 at Homes Chapel. In fact we got as far as Congleton and turned back. Ironically the first thing we saw after turning back was a funeral party outside a church!

I am the first to stand against hate crime but I am surely guilty of it (by thought anyway) myself today after my unprintable comments about the Highways Agency!

RIP Uncle Doug Depledge, so sorry we could not be there for your send off.

Maghull – Old Library/Youth Centre site to become a Home & Bargain Store?

The closed Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and the old Maghull Library

The closed Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and the old Maghull Library

Well this is the word on the streets. The original planning application has been changed a bit (via a revised one) but the applicant is still Netto Ltd so no clue there. Indeed, the new plans do not show a retailer’s name on them at all.

However, my understanding is that it is actually going to be a Home Bargains store. Or is that a Home & Bargain Store to us locals?

The site after the old library and youth centre had been demolished

The site after the old library and youth centre had been demolished

In some ways this is odd as we were under the impression that Home Bargains were just moving within Maghull Square Shopping Centre to a larger unit. It seems, however, that may not now be the case.

Watch this space for confirmation, I could be wrong.

Lydiate – Flooding of Southport Road and Lambshear Lane

I have covered the problems of flooding at these two sites within Lydiate before.

One is on the Maghull/Lydiate boundary on Southport Road adjacent to Astor Court, the other is in Lambshear Lane between Lydiate Village Centre and Oakhill Drive.

Here, as a reminder, are a couple of photo’s of the problems that manifest themselves after heavy rain:-

This outside Astor Courts flats on Southport Road, Lydiate

This outside Astor Courts flats on Southport Road, Lydiate

This is the flooding in Lambshear Lane, Lydiate

This is the flooding in Lambshear Lane, Lydiate

The reason for raising them again is that both have been the cause of flooding events within the past couple of weeks and both Cllr. Edie Pope and I are trying to get Sefton Council to take effective action.

They said they had identified the cause of the Lambshear Lane problem last year but if they had it was either the wrong problem or they did not fix it. Edie has been on to the drainage engineers at Sefton Council again in the past few days and to quote and oft used phrase in such circumstances – they are looking into it.

On Southport Road the problem seems to be caused by slow running gullies as the water on the road does subside after a few hours. Trouble is pedestrians and cyclists have been given an outside muddy shower by then! I have been exchanging e-mails with highway drainage engineers again about this long-standing matter.