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Giant Grandmother on her last walk about before leaving Liverpool.

Giant Grandmother on her last walk about before leaving Liverpool.

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Cllr. Mike Booth has one story of the ‘sit down and shut up’ carry on. See link above.

The other daft happening was the Labour amendment to my motion about the Southport – Wigan – Manchester railway line. The amendment was nothing more than sycophantic and rather sad because it praised the Labour Leader of Sefton for raising the matter at a City Region Cabinet meeting. What Labour’s amendment did not say was that I had asked him to do just that, indeed in moving the motion I had made mention of that very exchange!

One thing you quickly pick up on in the socialist republic of Sefton is that Labour have to be seen to be in control and have initiated everything and their leader has to be seen to be leading everything. There are some pretty undemocratic countries where such behaviour is seen to be unacceptable and in poor taste but this is a Council in England for goodness sake!


The BBC has the story – see link above.

A train firm has banned alcohol on trains leaving Liverpool on Friday and Saturday nights.

London Midland said the ban will come into force at 21:00 on all its trains leaving Liverpool Lime Street station. Boarding controls will be in operation, supported by the British Transport Police, the company said. Passengers who have had too much to drink will be prevented from travelling, a spokesman for the operator said.

Picture credit Wikepedia

A London Midland Train – Picture credit Wikepedia

Can’t say I am surprised as booze on trains is a problem to railway staff and other passengers. Where it leads to antisocial behaviour then bans on travelling or getting the perpetrators booted of trains is fine with me.

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Latest pictures of the giants in Liverpool today, from Jen Robertson:-

Little girl and her dog near the old Mersey Tunnel entrance

Little girl and her dog near the old Mersey Tunnel entrance

Grandmother leaving St. Georges Hall this morning.

Grandmother leaving St. Georges Hall this morning.

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The Campaign to Protect Rural England [CPRE] has launched an initiative to identify thousands of derelict sites suitable for new homes in a bid to help solve Britain’s housing crisis without building on the countryside. The campaign, called Waste of Space, is hoping to tap the local knowledge of people across the country about disused buildings and former industrial sites. The CPRE is asking people to nominate sites by tweeting or emailing photographs, which it will compile and publish in a national database. The information will be used to put pressure on the government to increase the incentives for developers to target brownfield sites instead of the countryside.

Frankly this is a great initiative and I say that despite having reservations about the Sefton Branch of CPRE which I feel has not been robust enough locally in defending Green Belt and high grade agricultural land from potential development. In my view, as previously expressed on this site, they are too easily giving in to Green Belt loss so their national organisation launching this initiative is very welcome indeed.

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this article.

A discussion with a Maghull resident the other day was illuminating because without prompting they told me that Maghull’s Neighbourhood Plan would be able to stop building on the Green Belt.

Er no, it will not, indeed it can’t do what I was told. And I wonder which political party may have been putting that misinformation about? No prizes, the answer is all too obvious.

A Neighbourhood Plan can only agree with the amount of building that is in the Borough Council’s Local Plan or it can propose more building. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either completely ignorant of the facts or is deliberately trying to mislead.


Then only days later, at the Sefton Council meeting held yesterday, there was a debate which encompassed this very issue and the relevant part of the motion proposed by a Labour councillor from Bootle said:-

‘The process [Neighbourhood Planning] has been designed so that communities can help plan their local areas, but only if they accept the same, or more, development than our own Local Plan’.

That statement is correct so why do Labour in Maghull sing from a very different hymn sheet which tries to give the impression that Maghull’s Neighbourhood Plan can reduce the amount of building?

I have accused Maghull Labour of using the Neighbourhood Planning process as a smoke screen for them to try to hide their own voting (on Sefton Council) to build on Maghull’s Green Belt. Nothing I have seen so far changes my view.

I am pleased to say that my motion (see today’s earlier posting) to Sefton Council was passed with all-party support.

Thanks to all concerned and let’s hope this is the start of some progress.

A Southport bound Class 156 DMU at Burscough Bridge Station on the Southport - Wigan - Manchester Line.

A Southport bound Class 156 DMU at Burscough Bridge Station on the Southport – Wigan – Manchester Line.

I am moving the motion below at the meeting of Sefton Council tonight and am hoping it will get all-party support.


That the Council welcomes publication of the Draft City Region Long Term Rail Strategy but is concerned that the Southport – Wigan – Manchester line, which supports commuter travel for Sefton residents living in the north of the Borough who work in Manchester and the tourist trade/economy in Formby/Southport/North Sefton, is omitted from the report.

The Council calls upon the City Region Cabinet Combined Authority to include this line and the development and promotion of it in the final draft.

All options to upgrade this line need to be fully considered within the strategy and should include:-

* Renewal of outdated/inappropriate rolling stock

* Increased passenger/train capacity

* A potential new park & ride station at Kew

* Electrification

* Adoption of Meols Cop Station by Merseytravel

* Connectivity with the Ormskirk – Preston line.

The benefits that could flow from including this line within the final City Region Long Term Rail Strategy will support the north of the Borough and help sustain Sefton’s tourist economy. It will also ensure that the north of the Liverpool City Region is well connected to West Lancashire, Preston and Manchester City Region by rail.


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I posted on this historic site a while ago:-


The funding on the table from Liverpool City Council is most welcome and it seems to indicate a change of heart from ‘we have no money, we will not do anything to the building’ approach of not so long ago.