Another perspective on the Switch Island – Thronton Relief Road

Let’s for once ignore the party political battles over this road. Today I received a letter in the post (not an e-mail, a hand written letter!) from a person who has lived in Maghull since 1939, the letter recalls the history of this long awaited bit of highway right back to 1939! I am told that folks back then expected a road to be built northwards from the small island which is now known as Switch Island which would connect with the road to Southport. My correspondent thinks that the Second World War put a stop to it then and also goes on to say that a subsequent attempt to build the road had Thornton residents opposing it! You just can’t imagine that now can you as when I got involved in campaigning for the road in the late 199o’s it was Thornton residents leading the fight for the new road. So there you have it a bit of history and I am pleased that the resident shared it with me.

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