The Ashes

Cricket’s biggest contest starts soon and our lads are off to Australia tomorrow. Let’s hope that they are more successful than the last time down under!

My cricketing hero is Derek Randall of Notts who scored 174 in the 1977 Centenary Test at Melbourne. I can still remember like it was yesterday listening to cricket through the night on a small portable radio and I will be doing it again this year.

Talking of Notts we won the County Championship this year but my boss at work is a Lancs supporter. Throughout each summer we engage in banter about the fortunes of each team but is it not amazing that Lancs have failed to win the County Championship for so many years. When you think of all the great players they have had in the side especially in the 1970’s. David Lloyd, Frank Hayes, Clive Lloyd, ‘Flat’ Jack Simmons, Peter Lever, Farook Engineer etc. etc.

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