Abusive remarks about politicians

‘Ginger Rodent’, I think I can beat that insult as local Conservatives have likened me to Robert Mugabe – see Aintree & Maghull Champion newspaper 14th July 2010. Yes, I know, this is the bottom of the barrel but never the less it beats the insult from Labour’s Deputy Leader to Danny Alexander – Chief Secretary to the Treasury by some miles.

 But the context of insult about me is interesting. See my posting of 11th October headed ‘Democracy – The local Tory view is weird’ because the reason they chucked this child-like insult at me is there. They said it to try to hide their own failings i.e. when they only put up one candidate for Maghull Town Council and that candidate lost their response (some 3 years later I would add) was to say that I and my Lib Dem colleagues, because we had won many seats, must be branded a ‘Mugabe-like regime’! I kid you not and these people expect to be taken seriously?

Personal political insults rarely work and they usually say more about those who chuck them than they do about the recipients. My advice is don’t do it. 

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