Buses – Strange things happening after years of being ignored

Has the penny finally dropped with Merseytravel that Melling and Aintree Village need better bus services? I have been battling for improved bus services in these two communities for longer than I can remember as has have my ward colleagues Cllr. Geoff Howe and Jack Colbert. We have had the brush off many times from Labour run Merseytravel and over the past 10 years (whilst Labour was running the Country as well) and the bus services have got worse not better. If Merseytravel are serious about making belated improvements then all well and good but why spend the last 10 years ignoring the pleas for action? It’s only a few weeks since I raised the need for the 236 bus to run on Sundays and Bank Holidays and this prompted Labour to attack me in the press for pressing that case on behalf of residents who had asked for my help!


Then out of the blue, in an article in the Aintree & Maghull Champion on 20th October, Merseytravel’s Labour Leader effectively put Melling and Aintree Village on a promise of a new community bus for the area. Come on then let’s get it going ASAP and please don’t forget the 236 needs to run on Sundays and Bank Holidays (that would benefit Maghull & Lydiate residents too) and that the isolated community around the Pear Tree junction in Melling needs to be put back on the local bus map as well.


But why has Labour suddenly shown an interest in this long-standing bus problem; as I said it was only a few weeks ago that they had a go at me in the Champion for raising the 236 matter. Is there something we should be told? From attacking those raising such concerns to putting folks on a promise of a new service and all in the space of a few weeks is very odd. I think there is more to this Labour promise than is being revealed.

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