Big Society? – Well here’s a good small one in Lydiate

Like many I have often wondered what on earth the slogan ‘big society’ actually means. I suspect it means many differing things to many differing people but could this be an example of it in Lydiate?

This morning I was out with friends delivering a leaflet advertising the new and quite excellent Lydiate Village Centre that I have spoken of before. We were doing it as volunteers, the Village Centre was promoted and developed by the determination of volunteers, the photo’s in the leaflet were done by a local volunteer group (Maghull Photography Club – see my link to their web site) and a volunteer group is being established to help the Parish Council run the new Village Centre. I think this is one good definition of the ‘big society’.

If the ‘big society’ is meant to be less Government interference in our lives, less waiting for the Government or the Council to to resolve issues and it is more of local communities coming together to find the solutions that work best for them then fine I am signed up and participating. If it’s prescribed ‘volunteer days’ pushed by big brother and organised by officialdom then that’s another matter.

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