Remembrance day in Aintree Village

Today I attended the dedication of the new war memorial next to Old Roan Station (see my previous posting of 7th November). In particular I noticed 3 soldiers, one serving (Alan Dowd, a Sergeant in the Scots Guards) one not so long ago retired (Jack Colbert – Ex Royal Green Jackets) and an old navy man, whose name I did not catch, who had a chest full of medals from his days of National Service. All three were proud of their work defending the Country and in turn we were proud of them. 

Remembrance Day is sobering and possibly it is lost on some young people in particular, yet it remains an important time for us all to reflect on the horrors of war. Whether you agree with me about Iraq being an illegal war or not (I firmly believe that it was by the way) all of us can come together to thank those who are brave enough to fight for their Country.

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