Uncle Albert – He saw the bombing of Liverpool from a birds eye view point

One of my greatest friends is Charles Walker a still quick witted and lively 89 year old who only got into politics when he was 74! I mention Charles because of a chance remark about Remembrance Day that I overheard today. The remark was made between two people I do not know but it was to the effect that neither knew anyone who had taken part in WWII.

Charles is Uncle Albert to his close friends and yes it does come from the old chap in Only Fools and Horses who was famous for the catch phrase ‘During the War’. When we got to know Charles he would, without too much prompting, tell us about his experiences during the war. On one occasion I recall him telling us about when he worked in George Henry Lees Department Store in Liverpool and how he would be sent to stand on the roof at night to fire watch during the bombing raids. In fact Charles was on that roof the night the church at the top of Bold Street was bombed out. The walls of the church are still standing as Liverpool folks will know and so is Charles although his knees are not quite as strong as they once were. Strangely, he does not seem to think of himself as brave but how many of us in this day and age would stand on a roof in a city being bombed to hell and back?

By the way Charles is a Town Councillor in Maghull and was a campaigner for the now hugely busy interchange at Maghull Station. He has also campaigned against the spread of Japanese Knot Weed locally but most of all he is one of the nicest and kindest people I have ever known.

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