Parish Councils meeting hits buses nail on the head

Last night I attended a meeting of the ’10 Parishes’(the umbrella organisation that brings all 10 Parish Councils in Sefton Borough together) if only for a sort time because of other commitments. They were discussing the preparations for the 3rd Local Transport Plan (LTP) for Merseyside and had a transportation expert from Sefton Council leading the discussion. Now LTP planning has filled more pages over the years than I care to remember, principles, policies, strategies, aims……………… you get my drift. But it took Gerry Lee the present Chairman of Melling Parish Council to say that all he wanted is ‘for someone to listen to us about the poor buses services in our Parish’ or words to that effect. Gerry was of course right and others chimed in with similar concerns from across the Borough. Access or the lack of it by public transport to Ormskirk and Fazakerley Hospitals (and Litherland NHS Drop-In Centre, I would add) were the big concerns.

What we can all learn from this is you can have as many glossy brochures as you like, costing loads of money to produce, but if like Melling Parish Council you have shouted from the roof-tops for 10 years that  bus services in the evenings, on Sundays and on Bank Holidays are non-existent why on earth should you think that another round of glossy brochures is going to solve the problem?! 

Like Melling Parish Council I have been raising with Merseytravel time and time again how poor Melling’s bus services are and like them I have had the brush off. I have posted blogs about this before and will probably end up doing it again.

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