People who have influenced me

The other day I got into conversation about who influences you as you grow up and develop outside of the family. It makes you think about who you are and why you are who you are.

At school my fondest memory is for Jack Petty, a Southport man who taught history, geography and craft subjects in my early years at Ormonde Drive Secondary Modern School in Maghull  (now grandly known as Maghull High School). Jack, if I understood properly, left the forces after WWII and simply became a teacher. I guess he was not carrying huge qualifications yet he was the best teacher I ever had. Kind, engaging and encouraging are the words that come to mind; I learned a lot from Jack.

In politics the late great David PenhaligonLiberal MP for Truro is probably top of the pile and if anyone wants to read an uplifting and very human book I would recommend the one written after David’s untimely death by his widow Annett Penhaligon entitled simply PENHALIGON. I still remember the announcement of his death in a road crash on 22nd December 1986 like it was yesterday. A truly great man and a politician loved by all who met him.

Ludovic Kennedy’s writings have also been a significant influence on me. His books on religion (All in the mind – A farewell to God), crime (A presumption of innocence) and Scottish history (In bed with an elephant) are great reads. And as a railway buff I can’t forget his Great Railway Journey across America for BBC TV.

Many others have influenced me over the years such as Andrew Beattie and Peter Gibson. They are not well known and sadly Andrew died suddenly in 1999 but they, at a personal and local level, probably had just as much influence on me as did the two more famous politicians mentioned above and dear Jack Petty the school teacher.

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