Roy’s Roundabout and other named things

Councillors sometimes get unexpected questions and the other day I was asked how do the Council go about naming things such as buildings etc.? The context of the query was the name of Sefton Council’s Meadows Leisure Centre, which by the way is one year old today.

‘Meadows’ was the name suggested by Cllr. Andrew Blackburn as it represents the historic and geographic area where the Leisure Centre has been built. Before Maghull was significantly built up, from the 1930’s onwards, that part of the Town was meadow land which often flooded and at times froze due to the flood plane of the River Alt. We did not want to call it Maghull Leisure Centre as it also serves Lydiate, Melling, Aintree Village and Sefton and Lunt Villages, so a more neutral name was chosen.

This takes me to other named things such as Roy’s Roundabout or Connell’s Island. It’s the only traffic roundabout in Maghull (junction of Westway and Green Lane) and a former Maghull resident and councillor Roy Connell paid for the trees to planted on it in the 1980’s, well all accept the very old one. I know that Roy (now a Southport resident) likes Roy’s Roundabout best.

In fact there are many things and places named after local people. How about Glenn Park, Davenhill Park (that’s a road not a green field in Aintree), Pimbley Field, Hornby Chase, Dunlop Drive (Melling and a football connection here), Tommy Gent Way and my other favourite Bailey way. This latter one right next to Meadows Leisure Centre was named after a grand old chap who fought to try to save the Whinnbrook House Old Peoples Home from closure some 15 years ago. Sadly, Arthur died not long after his big campaign that gained a lot of publicity. I recall a photo in the local press with Arthur stood at the door of the Home with a suitcase and what an atmospheric photo it was too! The reality was the the building was in poor condition and now some excellent sheltered housing has been built on the site but we had to remember Arthur Bailey by naming the road that serves the new bungalows after him. Arthur was a one off, he was great company and he had a great sense of humour.

 So, whether it be Roy’s Roundabout, Meadows or Bailey Way let’s continue to mark things with an eye to history or characters in the community. Of course there are many more in the East Parishes Communities that I have not mentioned.

2 thoughts on “Roy’s Roundabout and other named things

  1. ROY CONNELL says:

    Tony ,
    Thanks for the memories , I would like to take the full credit but modesty prevails . Yes I campaigned for the trees and the daffodils. When they come up in Spring they are a great display, but the money came from the Mayors Charity fund who’s theme of the year was ”plant more trees”, the Mayor for that year was Cllr Maureen Fearn, who of course is the current Mayor. As you will remember I also campaigned to get the ‘hanging baskets ‘ up in the Square, and of more recent years along with your goodself, helped ‘green’ the Maghull Square.
    From memory it was David Bamber who coined the phrase ‘Roy’s Roundabout’ in his weekly mayoral colunm for one of the local weekly newspapers .

  2. Helen says:

    Dear Mr Robertson

    The Old Roan shops are a disgrace for lack of gritting and Altway and Aintree Lane have never been gritted in over a week of severe weather. The route to the Old Roan railway station was appalling for those of us trying to still get to work on public transport which was a trial in itself. Getting across Ormskirk Road and the sliproad in front of the post office etc. was beyond treacherous. The dfference between travelling between Sefton and Liverpool on major routes was significantly different! and safer in all aspects. I would like to know from Sefton’s website which shopping centres have the cleansing team been deployed to as there has been no visibility in our surrounding areas. I presume the retail parks are privately owned but Boots etc and marks and spencer were rididiculous and I feel they should have a severe weather action programme in place. Asda wasnt brilliant by any stetch of the imagination but they did have a jcb on site on Saturday morning first thing clearing the car park as best as could be managed. I seriously think that Sefton Council need to prosecute retail parks etc for health and safety for lack of personal safety or close them until they have been fully gritted/cleared until they are safe. The shops would soon be ‘up in arms’ if they had no customers or staff. How their staff were able to access those shops safely is beyond comprehension. There needs to be more in place for this sort of weather happening on a regular basis. I would appreciate your comments on all of the above matters raised. Especially Sefton’s gritting policy which by the way Kenny Daglish’s comments on twitter in the Echo were hilarious!

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