Royal Mail and Post Offices

It is good to see the Coalition Government trying to defend what is left of the Post Office network following both Tories and Labour in previous Governments continually reducing the number of Post Offices in our communities. I do hope that the Royal Mail can have a sustainable future as well as for too long it has been floundering.

Which brings me to one of my big moans. Why on earth do those companies wanting to send me goods through the post send it by carriers other than the Royal Mail? Whenever I can I tell those mailing goods to me not use anyone but the Royal Mail. Yes, it helps keep the Royal Mail going but even more than that I hate getting those cards through my door from all kinds of delivery companies when I am not in. You know the cards well I assume, the ones that say you can pick the item up from their ‘local’ depot! Trouble is their local depot is miles away on some run down trading estate. If I am to pick an item up I want to pick it up from somewhere close to home such as the Royal Mail local Sorting Office! We all know where they are, the cards pushed through your letter box when you are out from the Royal Mail are clear about what to do and I find my visits to my local Sorting Office in Maghull a breeze.

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