Sefton Cabinet -Saturday meeting

Today Sefton’s Cabinet met with senior officers in an all day session to discuss the need for the Council to make huge savings. £10m+ of savings has already been agreed by the Cabinet but it seems that another £15m may be needed to balance the books for the financial year 2011/12 with more to come after that.

The purpose of today’s work was to go through options in great detail. It was not a decision making meeting, more one to explore all possibilities. Suffice to say that no part of the Council will be immune from savings but we can’t see the whole picture until we get a settlement for 2011/12 from the Government that defines exactly where we are as opposed to the estimates that we are presently working on. The Government announcement is expected any day now. Such meetings must be going on in Councils across the UK as the recession and the overspending by the last Labour Government hits them hard.

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