Keep up the campaign for Maghull North Railway Station

If I hear another Labour politician try to kill off  our much needed new railway station………………!

What’s the matter with them; why can’t they be consistent and back the campaign? In July Labour said the station was dead, next they said they were wanted to spend some of the money set aside for the station on fireworks, then said they were launching a campaign to get the station built, now they are back on their original tack of saying it will not be built again (because the new prision has been knocked back on adjacent land). Flip flopping does not come close to describing their position/s.

The bottom line is this the new station has been on the cards for many years, well before Labour’s big idea of putting a prison next to it was thought about. The fact is that a second railway station is required in Maghull because the present one can at times be beyond capacity, its car park (though massive) is too small to accommodate all who want to use it and the roads around the present station have had to have parking restrictions placed on them as commuters vehicles were blocking drive-ways and causing access problems for deliveries and emergency vehicles. So, if Labour want to be unpopular, all they need to do is to tell folks living around the present station that they are not in favour of a second railway station, which seems to be their policy on the matter this week!

So let’s get on with the campaigning. Yes, it will not happen quickly due to the national economic crisis but sitting back and saying it is not going to happen will simply lead to it not happening.

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