More Fly Tipping

Today around 200 tyres have been dumped around Park Wall Road between Lunt, Ince Blundell and Thornton as the environmental vandals step up their criminal activities.

I continue to work with Council Environmental Officers but please keep your eye out for trucks of any sort in country lanes as they could well be fly tipping. We need registration numbers and times and dates when they were seen. Together we can catch these beggars who are costing us all money as our Council Tax has to pay to take away what the criminals dump.

This photo shows the result of fly tipping which all but filled up the car park by Handcock's Bridge a few months ago. Lib Dem campaigners Cllr. Geoff Howe, Peter Gill and Jack Colbert are seen checking the mess out prior to it removal from what is actually private land owned by a local company.

One thought on “More Fly Tipping

  1. toffee man says:

    Cllr Robertson you are being more than polite in describing these people as “beggars”. They are selfish scum with no thought for the people within the community. The sooner somebody is caught and made an example of the better. I would hope that the Council would press for the heaviest penalties against these people.

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