Red Square or Maghull Square?

The Labour Party had a march from Maghull Square to Maghull Town Hall yesterday to protest about the Council savings that are having to be made in Sefton due to greedy bankers and the last spend, spend, spend, Labour Government.

Those willing to listen were treated to Maghull Square Shopping Centre being likened to ‘Red Square’ in Moscow! Now we really do know that Labour has the Trots again.

But those of us who are sick of having to live with the appalling cuts and savings which have been brought about by Labour and their greedy banker mates are not taken in by such marches. We know who is to blame for this mess.

One thought on “Red Square or Maghull Square?

  1. Ged Wright says:

    Ah yes, Tony, but there’s nothing more Soviet than censoring opinions you don’t agree with eh? Like mine for instance!

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