Roy and Rosy

On Sunday I managed to spend a few moments with an old friend of mine, former Maghull Councillor Roy Connell who lives in Ainsdale these days.

Roy has been a good friend and fellow community campaigner for many years (see my post of a couple of days ago about Maghull in Bloom for a photo of Roy) and it is good to see him helping to organise Ainsdale Ward Lib Dems.

It was a chance to discuss old times with Roy his wife Beth and to meet their Chocolate Labrador again. Rosy is an old lady now but sitting with her on Roy’s floor was a delight. This is Rosy

One thought on “Roy and Rosy

  1. ROY CONNELL says:

    Tony ,

    Me thinks this is a first for Rosie,having appeared on your blog and IBB this means she has made appearances on both the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Sefton Lib Dem Group. She’s very proud of that record.

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