Who runs Sefton Council?

No party has had a controlling majority for well over 20 years. There are no voting pacts, although the Conservatives once went into a short lived coalition with Labour to public amazement in 2008.

Sefton is a ‘shared power’ council with 66 councillors (28 Liberal Democrats, 23 Labour, 13 Conservatives (of which 3 are Independent Conservatives) and 1 UKIP. Of the 13 Tories, three of them, all respected and experienced councillors, remain┬ámembers of the national Conservative Party but have been abruptly suspended from the Sefton Council Conservative Group and all Committees.

The powerful Cabinet of the Council has 4 Lib Dems on it together with 4 Labour and 2 Conservatives making a total of 10.

Labour claim that they don’t have any control over the Council yet their Leader is the Deputy Leader of the Council!

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