The ‘M’ logo for Maghull – What does it mean and who designed it?

Only this week I was asked to explain the logo that you can see on Maghull’s boundary signs, Town Hall and Town Council vehicles to a curious local youngster.

Well it was designed by Cllr. Andrew Blackburn and adopted by Maghull Town Council quite a few years ago. It depicts, in representative form, a grey stone canal bridge with the blue being the canal. The yellow represents the Mayweed flower which is said to have been very prevalent in the Parish many years ago and may have been a contributory factor to the name Maghull.

A few years ago a photographer friend of mine turned the logo into a pictorial one using the real thing i.e. the canal going under Red Lion Bridge and a field of yellow flowers to represent Mayweed. It looks great so credit to Keith Page for his imaginative piece of work.

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