‘Joe Anderson is a Tory!’

Not my words but words of letter writers to the Liverpool Post and Echo which Joe Anderson has felt the need to respond to.

He has been labeled a ‘Tory’ by some people in Liverpool because his Labour run Council passed a legal budget a few weeks ago. The letter writers wanted him to set an illegal budget and not make any savings. The fact that Joe refused to do this is clearly to his credit as he will know better than most Council Leaders what happens when Labour goes down the Militant denial of reality track as happened in Liverpool during the 1980’s.

Joe’s response was robust and pragmatic but it also inadvertently highlighted the activities of Sefton Labour Party who did go down the denial of reality track during Sefton Council’s budgetary processes. Readers will recall that if Sefton Labour had been in a majority their voting would have brought in a 29% Council Tax increase!

I respect Joe for his forthright response to the deficit deniers and the fact that he not only set a legal budget but was willing to defend what he had done to members of his own Labour movement who were calling him a ‘Tory’. My only gripe with Joe, whom I know reasonably well, was that he set a budget that closed 4 Children’s Centres. Having said that I understand that he has backed off from that position since the budget meeting.

So to all those who think I don’t give Labour any credit may I say that the letter which Joe wrote to the Daily Post a few days ago in defence of his actions deserves some credit.

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