A visit to The House of Commons

Last Tuesday I was invited to a meeting at the House of Commons to discuss economic development challenges and opportunities in the North West of England. The event was organised by my good friend Dr John Pugh the MP for Southport. It was facilitated by Gordon Lishman (recently retired Chief Exec’ of Age Concern which has just merged with Help the Aged) and sponsored by United Utilities.

Dr. John Pugh Lib Dem MP for Southport

Now before I go any further may I make it clear that I paid for my own train fare to and hotel in London.

The meeting was very interesting as we had a broad range of people attending who could all reflect what economic challenges and opportunities were like at present and what may need to happen in the future to support local economies across the North West of England.

Gordon Lishman

It did not take long before we got around to jobs, the reliance on public sector jobs and how to encourage more young people to set up their own businesses. Another interesting fact and a sobering one as well is that United Utilities is, I understand, the only FTSE 100 quoted company that is based in England’s North West.

I hope we will be able to develop the relationships that were formed at the meeting as the North West has to become the master of its own destiny and be less dependent on Government if we are ever going to turn the tide and be a more prosperous region.

My thanks to Dr. Pugh MP on his initiative and I hope to be able to return to this subject in the future.

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