Getting a new pedestrian crossing installed at Sefton Lane Maghull

You know when you have been bashing your head against a brick wall (or maybe a sandstone one – read on) for a long time but then it finally becomes worth the headaches, well I have had one of those ‘finally worth it’ moments this last week.

For longer than I care to recall I have been be campaigning for a pedestrian phase to be incorporated in the traffic lights at the top of Sefton Lane where it joins Liverpool Road South. The junction is very busy and pedestrians are unsighted by an historic red sandstone wall belonging to the Parkhaven Trust.

This is me checking out the construction work during March

When Sefton Primary Care Trust decided to make what was only going to be a temporary GP surgery into a permanent one on the Parkhaven site my good friend Cllr. Andrew Blackburn helped me reignite the campaign to get the pedestrian lights installed. After a lot of pushing and shoving we have done it and the lights are now up and working.

What’s more we were helped by the pressure from Scott McCubbin who owns ‘It’s the Little Things’ children’s nursery which is also on the Parkhaven Trust site. So at last the worst junction in Maghull (unless you tell me otherwise) for pedestrians has been addressed with red and green men signals incorporated in the lights. I will have to find another brick wall to bash my head on now!

And to cap it all I have had a lovely card through the post today from Scott and the Nursery thanking me for getting the problem sorted. And thanks from me for taking the effort to send me a card; it is very much appreciated.

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