What will Labour claim credit for next!

This week’s Maghull & Aintree Star and a propaganda leaflet circulating in Park Ward from the comrades has Labour trying to claim credit for the new pedestrian signals that have been incorporated in the traffic lights at Sefton Lane/Liverpool Road South in Maghull. My blog of a few days ago refers to the campaign to get these pedestrian lights installed and the work Cllr. Andrew Blackburn and local businessman and resident Scott McCubbin put in helping me with this project. In all the discussions and meetings we had about the crossing there was certainly no Labour person there and none was ever mentioned. Make your own mind up………..

But let’s have a look at another couple of ‘claiming’ examples.

How about Aintree Davenhill Primary School’s rebuilding. Labour jumped on that band wagon when the campaign wagon actually belonged to Aintree Village Parish Council and the Chair of Governors assisted by the 3 Lib Dem ward Councillors. Labour showed no interest at all when we fought and won the funding for stage one of the rebuild but when stage two came along they acted like they had been leading the campaign for years!

And what about the Playbuilder children’s play equipment grant from Government? Well surprise, surprise you know who claimed credit for that as well. Yes, the grant was brought in by the last Labour Government but who was it that spotted that Sefton Council was seemingly trying to keep it all for parks in the non-parished parts of the Borough? In fact it was the Lib Dem Cabinet members who spotted this and insisted that Borough Council Officers work with the Parish Councils that have their own parks and gardens with the aim of helping them make successful bids. This happened but were Labour bothered, did they show any interest??………………… BUT then out of the blue the the propaganda machine of the comrades started to say how great Playbuilder was and how locally Labour had promoted it and how the new play area in Aintree, at Harrow Drive,  would not have happened without their campaigning or words to that effect!

One wonders what will be next on Labour’s ‘Claim’ list and I have not even mentioned their claiming to have sorted out the adoption of Satinwood Crescent in Melling (along with UKIP!) or other minor works that others have fought for.

But what about the Lib Dems, do we indulge in claiming credit for the work of others? Never knowingly. However, let me quote you an example of where things can be going on without us knowing it. Recently, we were asked to help get the grounds of an electricity sub-station tidied up. We took up the matter and it appeared in FOCUS our regular local newsletter, twice in fact. The second article led to a call from a local resident asking whether we really had been involved. Our answer was yes of course, if it is in FOCUS we have been dealing with the matter. The reason for the question? The resident had been pursuing the very same thing herself in parallel with us! This has happened before, at least twice to my knowledge but each time our team has been able to reassure the enquiring resident that our involvement was real and genuine.

One thing Labour don’t seem keen to claim credit for, for some strange reason, is the fact that their voting on Sefton Council would have led to a 29% increase in Council tax this year. Well I suppose you would want to hide that!

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