Maghull Community Association and Maghull Town Hall

Blogging about Maghull Community Association getting involved in Maghull in Bloom reminded me of a story I was told some time ago about why Maghull Town Hall is called a ‘Town Hall’ instead of say ‘Community Centre’ which is in reality what the building is.

It seems that when the former Ratepayers Party, who ran the Town Council in the early 1980’s, wanted to name their new building (opened in 1984) they realised that if they called it a ‘Community Centre’ (a name that was all the rage for new community buildings back then) it could be confused with Maghull Community Association’s building in Green Lane Maghull hence the rather grand sounding title of ‘Town Hall’ was chosen.

One thought on “Maghull Community Association and Maghull Town Hall

  1. Andrew Hatton says:

    I think it was more to do with the fact that Maghull Town Councillors were very proud that they had the Council renamed after that became legally possible when a Local Government Act had been passed.

    If it was connected with the Community Association that was secondary. I think back then the Community Association tended to be known as Whitehouse farm club or something like that. My memory has faded since I moved way from Maghull in 1983.

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