A wonder of the railway world

St. Pancras Station and its associated hotel building is probably one of the great wonders of the railway world and as regular readers will know I am a railway enthusiast.

A couple of years ago my daughter who is very much into building conservation had the opportunity to visit the newly refurbished St. Pancras Station and to take a guest on a guided tour. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity to go with Jen and a great day out we had.

There is an excellent book about the station written by Simon Bradley and published in 2007 which I had read prior to being invited to go see it. Here is a picture of me standing with the wonderful statue of Sir John Betjeman who of course fought to save the station when it was under threat.

Sadly when we travel to London by train from Liverpool the end of the journey is the appalling Euston Station vandalised in the 1960’s by fools. Thanks goodness for the campaign to save St. Pancras; it is quite magnificent.

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