Green Belt – sorry for going on and on about it but….

I don’t think I have ever been lobbied or spoken to so much about any issue in all my time as a local councillor as I am being at present regarding our precious Green Belt.

As readers will know I have been preaching for months about the value of Grade 1 and 2 agricultural land (that makes up virtually all of the Green Belt land in Sefton’s East Parishes) until I am blue in the face but now my comments are being repeated to me which is nice to hear.

But talking of blue, there is a Tory MP on message too. She is Laura Sandys who represents South Thant and she is trying to bring a Bill to Parliament in October ‘to prohibit local authorities granting planning permission involving the development of Grade 1 agricultural land other than in exceptional circumstances’.

I mentioned this at the packed meeting last Thursday but the lady MP’s name escaped me at the time. The surprising thing here for me is finding a Tory opposing land development and what’s more for ‘green’ reasons.

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