3 thoughts on “On line petition against Green Belt development

  1. terence worrall says:

    greenbelt land in sefton is a1 agricultural land, it should be protected at all costs the infastructure in formby and maghull cannot cope with such development there are many empty properties and brown field ites more suitable to build in sefton

  2. Anna Doughty says:

    Green belt land should be protected not built upon. I do not like the presumption in the proposal that development should be favoured.

  3. lynne howard says:

    it seems so typical of this country to ruin every bit of our heritage this green and pleasant land is disappearing at an alarming rate in sefton there are rows upon rows of boarded up and dilapidated housing why cant this land be used instead. what of the governments regeneration schemes the wildlife on this coast is very important to us and the rest of the country what about the tourist industry as well people come from all over the country to admire our are for its scenery not rows of lego houses

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