Merseytravel are watching you! (and me)

My good friend Cllr. John Dodd (Meols ward in Southport) is an opposition Lib Dem member of that somewhat struggling local authority organisation Merseytravel of which much has been written in recent times as it has staggered from one crisis to the next. I could not resist posting what John said to me in an e-mail yesterday as it shows that Big Brother is alive and well in Merseytravel monitoring us Lib Dems. Of course I have recently posted about its Chairman (who is also a Sefton Councillor) treating the whole of Sefton Council to readings from Iain Brodie-Brown’s Birkdale Focus Blog so we must assume that many hours are put aside at Merseytravel checking on who is saying what about them. Who knows it may be full time job for someone! This is what John had to say to me:-

At Merseytravel’s authority meeting this afternoon, the new committee structure was passed with an all party agreement.  Mark Dowd, as chair of the authority, announced the Labour party nominees for chair and vice chair of committees.  Although Mark Dowd has relinquished the chair of Rail Services and Customer Forum (Sefton), therefore losing 2 chair Special Responsibility Allowances (SRA’s), he is now vice chair of Rail Services (SRA), so overall he has relinquished just one SRA.

Due to my writing on the Meols ward blog that I welcome the new committee structure, I was requested by the monitoring officer to issue the following personal statement at the start of the meeting:  “Although I have stated on my ward blog that I welcome the new proposed committee structure, I have come here with an open mind”.  Merseytravel must be using officer’s time to observe councillor’s web sites.

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