But where is the money coming from?

If you accept that our economy is flat lining at a pretty low level, has been for quite some and will do for quite some time (as most folks, economists and informed ‘experts’ do) then why suggest that Government does not need to re-balance the economy and make savings? 

And in this posting I am not trying to point the finger of blame anywhere as that has been done by me and many others for the past 3 years or so. No, what I am trying to get at is why intelligent people stand up in front of conferences and events, seemingly in a bubble all of their own, and try to convince us all that there is money to spend, that we can borrow more and that the financial collapse did not have any consequences?

As a long time trade union member and activist of course I can see why unions are so upset about the savings but then again we all are. But what is their alternative as union leaders simplistically call for more spending and greater borrowing as if that is the obvious sustainable solution. Yes, we can all point to areas were we don’t like the savings and I bet we can all point to where we would rather they be made. Our views will, in the main, be associated with our own family and circumstances.

So for example, all 3 of us in my household are public servants. On that basis we are clearly not happy about the fact that we have have not had a pay rise for a long time and don’t know when we will get one. We don’t like our pension prospects being reduced and having to make higher contributions. We don’t like our jobs being continually under threat. 

However, I am not so bound up in my own world that I can’t see that others think differently. For example, I have friends working in the private sector who feel that I should make higher pension contributions, who say that they have not had a pay rise for as long as they can remember and who lost their jobs in the early years of the recession.

Locally, we all know that Sefton Council has make more heavy savings and we await Labour’s lead on this as they are in charge of the Council’s budget these days. I am sure they will put forward savings that we Lib Dem do not agree with just as they disagreed with the savings we had to make last year when we Lib Dems had the responsibility for the Council’s finances.

It all comes down to choices about where the savings are made as opposed to if they have to be made. So is it not time that those politicians and union leaders who have been living in their own little bubble stopped trying to convince us all that the financial collapse never happened and that if it did there are no consequences?

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