More on those damn claims companies

My most recent posting on this subject ended up with an article in the local press who picked up on my story last week. However, readers will not be surprised to hear that I have been contacted and spoken to by quite  number of folk as a consequence of the press story, a couple of whom have told me a story that goes something like this.

I am told that when visiting A&E at Fazakerley Hospital in recent times (and if you come out with an obvious injury) you may well be pounced on by peolple working for a claims company. Indeed, a Maghull lady called me up to say that she had taken her son to Fazakerley A&E and on the way out, with his arm in plaster, they were accosted by a couple of people asking them how the injury had happened. When they replied that the injury had happened in their home (falling over kids toys I think) the response was to suggest to them that if they said it happened outside the home a claim could be made!

No wonder we are all paying so much for insurance if stunts like this going on. As the lady said to me ‘its just not right’ to have ambulance chasers siting in wait at A&E.

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