Fighting for a better NHS

The Lib Dems are continuing to work in Parliament to ensure NHS reforms deliver a better deal for patients.

Nick Clegg: NHS reforms must deliver for patients

Nick Clegg’s party won major changes to the reforms earlier this summer. These included measures to ensure there will be no privatisation of the NHS and no special favours for the private sector.

 Nick Clegg said, “With the Lib Dems, the NHS will always be free at the point of use and will deliver top quality treatment for patients. We want to deliver a better NHS that can cope with the increasing demand and rising health costs.”

 The NHS reforms will cut waste and bureaucracy that costs billions of pounds. They will help the NHS cope with the costs of Britain’s steadily ageing population and the rising cost of many treatments.

 By making the NHS more efficient and by protecting the NHS budget from cuts, more money can be spent on improving care for patients.

 NHS faced disaster with Labour

 Had Labour won the last election, the NHS would have faced deep spending cuts. That along with Labour’s refusal to tackle waste and inefficiency would have been a disaster for our health services.

 Labour rigged the market in favour of the private sector by giving contracts that were unfair for the taxpayer and for patients.

 Over £250million of taxpayers’ money was handed over by the last Labour government to private providers for operations they didn’t even perform.

 The Liberal Democrats have made sure that this kind of favouritism towards the private sector will now be illegal.

 And this takes me back to what I blogged about only recently when I recalled that under Labour GP practices in parts of Sefton (Maghull was certainly on the cards) were up for being run by huge private sector companies.

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