Green Belt – Conversation with a Lydiate resident

Resident – Were you at the appeal hearing about the canal marina that was proposed to be built on local Green Belt?

Me – Yes, I was on the first day but not the following half day.

Resident – Can you tell me which elected representatives were there other than yourself?

Me – Cllr. Robbie Fenton, Cllr. Andrew Blackburn & Cllr. Richard Hands

Resident – Are they all Lib Dems and were there no others attending from Labour or the Tories?

Me – That’s right, just the 4 of us Lib Dems

Resident – Did anyone vote for the original planning application that was refused that led to the appeal hearing?

Me – Yes, some Labour members of the Planning Committee voted for it.

Resident – Thank you for clarifying things.

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