Now about that cancelled Firework Display in Maghull

It looks like the comrades are doing a swift U-turn having found out that cancelling Maghull’s firework display will make them about as popular as snow at harvest time.

Everything is now pointing to the fact that they are going to provide a display having told the community that they can’t afford it and need to save the money via their own Labour gloom and doom press release that the Aintree and Maghull Champion used as its headline article only two editions ago. Indeed, a printed report is going to Maghull Town Council’s meeting on Wednesday that clearly recommends that the display is cancelled and that the the money saved be used as a budgetary saving. To quote directly from that report “… recommend that the Council does not fund a fireworks display in 2011 and takes the £4,500 as a budget saving”. Whilst the report is in the name of the Town Clerk he would not have issued it without the Labour Leadership of the Council agreeing it. And they had better not try blaming the Clerk for this carry on.

So up until the Town Council papers were issued late last week Labour were all for cancelling it but now, after some bad publicity in the press, they look to be doing  just the opposite!

I must admit that I am glad that they have sobered up as for the life of me I could not see what their objective was in trying to cancel it in the first place. It has been a hugely popular community event for many years but my suspicion is that Labour wanted to save the money to then spend it elsewhere and boy have they had their finger burnt in the process!

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