The i – ‘Ball’s to Labour: don’t promise to reverse the cuts’

I don’t really read national newspapers much but I was taken with the ‘i’ headline of yesterday probably because it was a ‘Private Eye’ type headline and I love reading the Eye.

The articles were all about what Ed Balls has been telling the Labour Party i.e. that he has:

* Banned Shadow Cabinet members from pledging to reverse Government spending policy

* Told Labour MP’s not to, promise any undoing of Coalition’s cuts

Let’s be fair these are very big statements to make within a Party that has consistently been trying to give the impression ever since the last General Election that the cuts are too deep and too quick and even not needed at all. It seems that economic reality has hit the Labour leadership between the eyes.

What the union barons will have to say to Ed Miliband, who is badly in hock to them, in the light of what Ed Balls has said will not be repeatable in polite company I would guess. But I am going to give Labour some credit here. Having tried for some time to take the ‘economic collapse was nothing to do with us gov’ approach and still had opinion polls saying that the public do hold Labour (and the bankers) accountable for the mess we in they have started to come out of denial.

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