Delivery Companies!!! – Use Royal Mail is my advice

We all use the Internet to order things these days and there are a number of national delivery companies about. When I order things I always ask, if possible, for the delivery to come via Royal Mail. Why? Well I find that delivery companies are too inflexible to be of any use to the customer at the end of an order. One I have recently had dealings with only delivers in a time slot of 7am to 7pm on the day of delivery. Come on, who can afford to stay in for 12 hours, especially if they are trying to hold down a job? That’s not customer service it is doing what suits the delivery company.

But what happens when (usually on the first delivery attempt) you are not in? Well like the Royal Mail you get a card through the door but unlike the Royal Mail you find out that the depot of the company is many miles away. I have come across delivery companies with  depots in Preston, Warrington, South Liverpool etc., all miles away from where I live in Maghull.

With the Royal Mail a Sorting Office is usually not far away, most of us know where they are so there is no need to reschedule a whole day to be lost waiting around; you simply pop along to the Sorting Office.

And there’s more. When something goes wrong the Royal Mail tries to sort things out whereas my impression is that delivery companies wash their hands of things as quickly as they can.

One thought on “Delivery Companies!!! – Use Royal Mail is my advice

  1. Iain BB says:

    I’m with you Tony, Amazon use as their default deliverer a firm that comes only in the day and then expects folk from Southport to go to Leigh to collect their parcels. The Royal Mail has a depot in Southport.I do think that we will see some big changes in delivery systems shortly as internet shopping becomes more dominant. Some companies are already experimenting with opening local shops to pick up goods from. May this is part of the future of the town centre ?

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