Kennet Prison – Good progress in preparing offenders for life outside of prison

Melling’s Kennet Prison (yes, it is in the Civil Parish of Melling not Maghull as many think) has been open since 2007 and presently this ‘temporary’ prison will be on the site between Ashworth Hospital and the M58 until 2017.

Kennet is for Category C prisoners but it also houses category D prisoners who are about to released. I went there today, together with an officer from Sefton’s Community Safety Dept., to have a chat with the Governor and one of his senior staff.

Having been to the prison before I was already aware of its work to prepare offenders for the world of work. Of course, Kennet is also supporting Maghull in Bloom as the prisoners  grow plants for Maghull’s displays. On that basis they are very much a part of the success that Maghull in Bloom has had in 2011.

Re-offending is the major problem with people who are released from prison so it is important that when they leave they are prepared for the world of work, have some skills and an aptitude to working. This is now an important part of the Prison Services work and if Sefton Council can play its part to reduce the re-offending rate then I am all for such partnership working.

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