I woke up one day last week to see that BBC Breakfast TV was running an item about home delivery companies. I have posted on this before, not long ago, but having given the company that let my family down plenty of time to put matters right and them failing to even answer me I thought this frustrating account of events may interest readers. The complaint below was written for the company the item was purchased from but subsequently a complaint was also made directly to the delivery company; it is the latter who failed to respond.

We are appalled at the customer service standards of your delivery
company YODEL who seem to incapable of accepting responsibility for
their own failures in that they put us on to you when everything that
had gone wrong was their doing.

On 16th Sept. we had a YODEL calling card through our door. We
responded to it by visiting the YODEL web site and rescheduling the
delivery for Friday 23rd Sept. By the way they only offer 12 hour
(7am to 7pm) delivery slots which seems ridiculously inflexible.

Both my wife, who made the order from you, and I took time off work to
cover the 12 hour deliver period and at around 5.30pm YODEL turned up.
However, what they gave us was an order our daughter had made (from another company) not the one, from you, we were expecting. We quizzed the helpful driver who checked his van and said it had not been loaded and that we should check with YODEL’s help line. The driver indicated that his branch was in a muddle.

I then rang YODEL who confirmed that we had rescheduled for Friday 23rd and that it was their fault the delivery had not been made. I was also
informed that the YODEL Preston Branch was presently suffering from
difficulties as it had taken on the work of other closed delivery
Centres. He asked me to select another delivery slot/day. I refused
this option as we could not take further time off work. In the end I
agreed to drive up to Preston (some 20 miles) to pick up the delivery
myself on Thursday 29th Sept. I also asked him what Yodel was going to
do to compensate us for their failings and all he did was give me an e-
mail address to make a complaint. I have not yet done that pending
discussing the matter with you.

The next thing to happen was that a helpful chap from YODEL’s Preston
Depot rang us to say their had been informed that we wanted to pick the
delivery up but that we should know that they could not find it! I said
it’s OK we are not coming until Thursday 29th so please let us know
whether you find it or not before we set off.

As we had heard nothing from YODEL by this afternoon we rang their help
line again. Firstly the number on their calling card did not match our
address anymore when it had previously on calling them. Then when I
spoke to someone on their help line I was told that the parcel had been
sent back to the company we ordered it from!

You can imagine how I felt about that so I asked them what they were
going to do about it as the problems were caused by them making errors.
Whilst the lady I spoke to was polite she said all I could do was
contact the company we ordered the item from and in effect refused to
take responsibility for this mess. I told her I was appalled by their
customer service standards and then rang you.

Clearly we have been let down but so have you as this company
must have a contract with you. Clearly, we wanted you to know what had
gone on as it will be a contract compliance matter. Secondly, do you
wish us to pursue them for compensation or will you do that? Finally,
we do like doing business with you but can’t see the point if
we have to deal with a seemingly incompetent and inflexible delivery company
as YODEL seems to be to us. No one can reasonable be expected to  stay in for 12 hours to receive a delivery even if Yodel can get their other
problems sorted out. Can you send items via Royal Mail?

Thank you for your help in advance and we look forward to hearing from
you as soon as possible.

The company asked us to approach Yodel directly in response to the above but despite doing so we still await an answer to the complaint made via the Yodel website quite some time ago.

One thought on “Yodel!

  1. Nick says:

    I will never buy a product if Yodel is the delivery company. Three days and still waiting for a next day delivery. The retailer I purchased the product from told me they are going to cancel Yodel’s service because it’s so poor.

    Just a note to add to say that after my complaint YODEL offered me a £30 voucher in the form of an apology for the poor service. Sadly only a £10 voucher arrived and I assume the further £20 is in the post. As I have said before the big draw back with the private delivery companies is the fact that they don’t have a local sorting office like the Royal Mail. If they are ever going to offer as good a service as the Royal Mail they simply must address this problem. My ‘local’ YODEL depot is in Preston some 30 miles away!

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