Lydiate Primary School – its ‘bin’ done!

Yes, at last Sefton Council have put a litter bin outside the school in Lambshear Lane – previous blogs refer.

Andrew & I checking out the bin that took Sefton Council 5 months to put outside Lydiate Primary School

But the news is even better than that as the Council has accepted my formal complaint was a valid one regarding the 5 months of delay in resolving the need to move a couple of bins around to sites where there was the greatest need. To this end a bin in Stafford Moreton Way has been moved to Lambshear Lane and a second one placed at the junction of Damfield Lane/Liverpool Rd Nth as a bin is to be provided from elsewhere.

I must admit that when former Cllr. Fenton, Cllr Blackburn and I agreed the bin moves/relocations back in February I would not have believed anyone then telling me that it would take until August for things to happen and that I would have to make my first ever formal complaint against the Council to get things sorted out.

So all is resolved at last and Andrew and I thank the Neighbourhoods Team at Sefton Council for sorting this out. I would add that the Neighbourhoods Team, which I had a hand in setting up as part of my drive to make Sefton Council more accountable at a community level in my time as Council Leader, does some excellent work to help councillors resolve involved matters. I continue to be a fan of their approach which is very much one of ‘lets get the job done’ as opposed to what is often seen as the local government way of ‘getting there in the end’.

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