Maghull Town Hall/Meadows Leisure Centre – Whatever happened to the Café? – Sit around for long enough and one will come along!

I posted about this on 30th September 2011 and if you live locally you will have noticed that the café remains an empty shell.

Having asked Maghull’s Town Clerk about the current state of affairs I was told that since the Council decided to defer the matter many months ago he is unaware of any moves at to reopen the café.

There was commercial interest shown in reopening the café last September but doubts within Labour run Town Council as to whether it could be made to be a viable business meant it was not given another commercial chance to succeed. The idea then was to look into an alternative not for profit/community run café as suggested by the Town Clerk.

Trouble is nothing has happened in the past 11 months as the Council has not only lost any potential rental income that could have been generated from commercial use it has also not developed the not for profit/community option either. The end result is that no café facilities have been available in the complex since September 2011.

The idea of integrating the Town Hall with the new Meadows Leisure Centre right from the start was to have refreshment facilities available within the Town Hall part of the complex. However, this worthy aim of both Sefton and Maghull Town Councils has simply fallen by the way side and for no obvious reason.

Why was the issue put on the back burner? Why was a commercial use not tried again to see if it could be made to work? Why was the alternative of a community/volunteer run facility not established?

It is sad to see the former café space just sat there with no one doing anything about it. I think we need some vision within the Town Council as no good will come of sitting back and leaving the unit locked up.

But out of the blue a new café has opened just yards away from the Town Hall and Leisure Centre in one of the Meadows shop units. Having tried it out I can say that a good cup of tea and Danish pastry were consumed by me and I will be back for more. What this does show, however, is that there certainly is commercial interest in a café (as there was last September) in or around the Leisure Complex but having sat on the matter for 11 months the Town Council has probably fulfilled its own prophesy as indeed the commercial viability of the café within the Town Hall/Leisure Complex must now be far less than it was.

One thought on “Maghull Town Hall/Meadows Leisure Centre – Whatever happened to the Café? – Sit around for long enough and one will come along!

  1. Alan Jackson says:

    In was working in Maghull Town Hall recently and was very surprised to see the cafe area closed up after some considerable money has obviously been spent making the old lounge into a cafe.

    It has long been an ambition of mine to open a cafe and I only wish I was in a position financially to do so, it is such a shame to see it standing empty.

    Alan Jackson

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