Dune FM – The strange story of our only Sefton based radio station going under

For years Sefton has had a local radio station which I have listened to and indeed both visited and been interviewed by. It always struck me as being important as it covered issues in Sefton and West Lancs that may not have been picked up by the likes of Radio Merseyside or Lancashire.

I suspect that it ran on a shoe string though and when it outsourced its news reporting to another radio outlet in east Lancashire 3 or more years ago I did wonder whether it was going to survive. The sad thing was that before they did this their coverage of Sefton events and issues was not bad at all for a local commercial radio station.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was listening to Smooth FM and they were playing a song I did not care for (Smooth has never really cut the mustard for me since it ceased to be Jazz FM) so I pressed the pre-set button for Dune only to find the sound of static noise. Thinking it was just a technical fault I moved on but a technical fault it certainly was not – Dune had gone off the air and seemingly for good.

Since then there have been newspaper articles about the station’s demise in the Echo and Champion newspapers. A court case, fine and shutting down by ‘the authorities’ is behind it all but none the less we have lost our local radio station and that must be an unfortunate turn of events.

One thought on “Dune FM – The strange story of our only Sefton based radio station going under

  1. Dave Mason says:

    Re your article, \the radio outlet in East Lancashire\ was actually being broadcast from the studio next door in Southport.

    There was no \fine\ the station was simply not successful financially despite a number of owners with differing business models. It eventually ended up in private hands, ran out of money and got wound up.

    One of the biggest issues was that the local populace did not value a local radio outlet. They were all listening to Smooth FM…

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