A59 Hedge in Maghull – let’s fix it once and for all!

I have blogged before about the length of Hawthorne hedging along the A59 from KGV Park to the Leeds Liverpool canal bridge.

The obvious fact is that Sefton Council does not cut it often enough (and has not been doing for a few years) so it overgrows the pavement causing pedestrians to have to walk on the grass verge next to very fast moving traffic. Frankly, it is dangerous and this issue has gone on for too long. This year was the worst it has ever been and one public spirited resident got so cheesed off by the Council’s lack of action and the dangers that he took the matter in his own hands and cut back the hedging himself.

No what can we do about it? Well it strikes me that the solution is not beyond the wit of man or woman because the hedge as it runs up the A59 past KGV Park is owned and maintained by Maghull Town Council. Their section of the hedge has never been a problem so why not just ask the Town Council to take on responsibility for the rest of the hedge. Surely this can be fixed up with a little good will all round? I hope so as an informal meeting of local Sefton Councillors from the East Parishes part of Sefton discussed this very option very recently.

Please Sefton and Maghull Councils sort it out and let’s put this yearly problem to bed once and for all.

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