Maghull Town Council – It’s all change AGAIN – Lib Dem opposition members are and then are not to be thrown off Council committees.

What on earth is going on Labour run Maghull Town Council? They only reorganised and drastically reduced the size of the Council’s Committees a few months ago, because their own members were not turning out for meetings, then they give notice of reorganising again, just as 3 more Labour councillors have resigned!

This all started with a document that was issued by the Labour administration with the papers for the Town Council’s meeting on 6th February. It clearly showed that the 3 Lib Dems on the 16 member Council (10 Labour, 3 vacancies) were to be excluded from the Amenities, Personnel and Communities Committees, whilst oddly letting us stay on the Audit & Governance Committee. The Finance Committee was also down to return to being one where every member of Council sits on it having had its numbers drastically reduced just weeks ago.

Then the meeting happens and things get turned on their head!

Well it was certainly a turn up for the books as we Lib Dems tried to work out what the Labour run Council was up to because, after publishing a very clear and specific document that chucked us off the committees mentioned above, they then effectively disowned their own document saying it was wrong! Now we Lib Dems are not to be thrown off the committees, so why on earth did Labour write and publish a paper that says we were to be? If the document had been so fundamentally wrong, as Labour claimed it was how come they did not stop it being issued?

This is either a ridiculous political blunder that makes you wonder what on earth they were thinking or they really had decided to hoof us off committees and then decided not to do it because……..You don’t publish Council documents like this and then disown them at least you don’t on a normal Council.

You really could not make this up – but I assure you it did happen!

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