Sefton Estate Residents Association – Seems I am not the only one calling on Merseyside’s newly elected Police Commissioner to take action against serious/gun crime

A copy of a letter to Merseyside’s newly elected Police Commissioner was handed to me yesterday and a worrying picture it paints of problems, including gun crime, in and around the Sefton Estate in the Netherton part of Sefton Borough.

The letter was written on 3rd January asking for a private meeting with the Commissioner but of course we all know that the nearby shopping centre serving this estate – Marion Square – was the scene of another gun crime after this letter was written.

Drug and gang related activities, knives and guns are sadly becoming a part of our every day culture these days even in what the press term ‘leafy areas’ such as Maghull, where there have been 3 shootings in just one year.

I really do hope that the Merseyside Police and indeed our new Commissioner are going to hit these problems and the causes of them hard, otherwise the appalling nature of the criminal activities detailed in the Sefton Residents Assn. letter will become the norm and they will simply be managed rather than resolved.

We need to see a clear Merseyside Police/Police Commissioner action plan to effectively tackle gang, drug and gun crime in Sefton as a matter of urgency.

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