Red Lion Bridge, Maghull & drivers with a death wish!

Not so long ago I was approached by a Maghull chap with a good idea. He told me that this road bridge over the Leeds Liverpool Canal suffered from southbound traffic coming over the ‘blind’ bridge in the middle of the road. He further suggested that the Council could address the situation by changing the road markings.

Why I had not thought of this myself I don’t know but what a good idea. The Council agreed and the road markings were changed to try to push the southbound drivers to stay on their own side of the carriageway. I blogged about this when the work was done last year.

Then a couple of days ago I watched as some daft beggar travelling southwards took the corner, that is just before the bridge, so badly that he was right over on the northbound carriageway as he went over the bridge. Yes, you have guessed it; there was a large lorry coming the other way that he nearly drove into and under. What this chap was doing other than trying to commit suicide I can’t possibly guess but not only did he prove why the road markings were needed but that some drivers simply have no idea how dangerous they are to themselves and everyone else on the road!

But it must have been National Bad Driver Day because as I was dropping Sheila off at Meadows Leisure Centre some nut was driving the wrong way around the one way road out side the building and doing so at speed!

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