2 more shootings in Maghull and 1 in Bootle – ‘It’s like living in the wild west’


The Post (see above link) has the story of the latest shootings and one former resident of Maghull said to me today ‘My god whats happening in my old home town !!’

Well here we go again with 3 more shootings in Sefton in just one evening of criminal activity; you just could not make this up.

And it all happened just a couple of hours after Merseyside’s new Police and Crime Commissioner was speaking to worried residents in a school hall in Lydiate. She had been invited because of the first 3 shootings in Maghull but by the time she spoke at the meeting there had been a 4th, with 2 following the meeting.

To give Jane Kennedy her due she was very good at speaking to the meeting in Lydiate Primary School. I had half expected her to launch into some kind of speech that we hear from many Labour politicians these days along the lines of slagging off the government. But not a word of it and no party political remarks from her at all; that must have disappointed Bill Esterson’s staff who were there in force.

So Jane hit the right notes and she was ably assisted by two senior Police Officers. But despite their good showing it was obvious that many locals in the Maghull area are very unhappy about the recent spate of gun crime. What’s more the unhappy coincidence of two further shootings in Maghull (plus one in nearby Bootle) within hours of the meeting will only increase such concerns

I first started to raise my concerns about shootings in Sefton Borough a while ago (see previous postings) but recently I decided to do a Freedom of Information request to find out what has really been going on in the Borough in terms of gun crime and I will publish the results of my investigations very soon.

Having lived in the Maghull and Lydiate area since I was 10 this turn of events makes me wonder whether, as one resident said at last night’s meeting, we are living in the wild west!

PS. No sooner had I posted this piece than I got into conversation with a chap who is Maghull through and through and he told me how unimpressed he had been with Jane Kennedy on local radio today. I have not heard what she said on radio but having gained a round of applause last night she seems to have gained a boo from Mr. Maghull today. Nobody said it would be easy to tackle violent gun crime on Merseyside and she has a lot of people on her back right now who are expecting her to take decisive and effective action.

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