Maghull Town Council – A budget & precept is finally agreed with Lib Dem proposal to reduce the tax on Maghull residents being voted down by ruling Labour councillors

Maghull Town Council has finally set a budget and a precept to demand from Maghull’s hard pressed Council tax payers for 2013/14. Despite all their recent ducking and diving the comrades, who now run the Council, finally forced through a budget last night.

We Lib Dems proposed an amendment that would have reduced the taxation demand on Maghull’s Council tax payers by 10% but Labour were having none of it despite the Council being sat on a huge money mountain of reserves well above £400,000!

We also proposed that the Council reinstate funding it had taken away from youth projects, the Town’s yearly firework display and money to provide a local skateboard park. Labour rejected these proposals too.

Finally, we asked the Council to put money aside to work with Sefton Council to refurbish the down at heel public toilets at Maghull Square which were recently saved from closure by Lib Dem campaigning. Yes, you have guessed it they rejected that as well!

But despite their lack of vision and understanding of what Maghull needs at least the Council now has a legal budget and precept. Readers will recall that the Council has been pretending that it had set a precept over recent weeks when it had done no such thing. Indeed it gave false information to Sefton Council asking it to collect the extra tax on Maghull people without any resolution of the Town Council being proposed and agreed to authorise such an extra tax.

What will the auditors say about the false information? What will Maghull’s Council tax payers think as they get their bills that could have been 10% lower in terms of what has to be paid to the Town Council?