Maghull North ward (or should that be Shooting ward?) by-elections 21st March (3 seats up for election – all Labour held prior to resignations)

What a campaign, 2 shootings in the ward as well as politicians taking verbal pot-shots at each other! These by-elections were held whilst leafy Maghull has sadly been going through an unprecedented crime wave. The elections are over and we can only hope that the crime wave is as well. Our normally quiet community has had a gut full of violent crime.

So what of the election results? Well we Lib Dems did remarkable well, far better than could ever have been expected. To come so close was a pleasant surprise.

The result:-

Labour 514 elected – Labour hold
Labour 509 elected – Labour hold
Labour 499 elected – Labour hold
Lib Dem (Bruce Hubbard) 410
Lib Dem (Wyn Maher) 391
Lib Dem (Jen Robertson) 398
Green 66

Turnout 20.51%, Swing – Labour to Lib Dems 3.2%

(Note- there was only one Green candidate for this 3 seat election and both the Tories and UKIP did not put up candidates at all. The expected intervention of independent candidates did not materialise either)

We called for the elections to be held to fill the 3 seats vacated by Labour’s resigning councillors who had got elected but did not want to be councillors. The farce whereby Labour held a secret meeting (following the last Labour resignation from the Council) and co-opted a Labour supporter onto the Council could not be allowed to happen again.

Bruce, Wyn and Jen our valiant Lib Dem candidates wish to thank the folks who voted for them in a hard fought campaign over the past 6 weeks.

Socialism remains the favoured creed in Maghull and the Town’s ability to forgive and forget all kinds of Labour cock-ups since they have been running the Town Council shows that sadly Labour really can get away with almost anything at present.

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