Green Waste Recycling – Sefton Council plans to charge you

My thanks to Cllrs. Sue McGuire and Pat Keith (both Cambridge ward of Sefton) for giving this ill thought out policy some prominence. You can read their concerns, which I share I would add, via the link to their blog above.


My old chum and former Maghull Lib Dem Cllr. Roy Connell has also raised concerns with me recently about the consultation process on Sefton’s web site. Roy’s concern, and again I share it, is that it is consultation after the event which does not give residents who participate in it any real opportunity to comment on the principle of charging for the collection of green waste.

Roy is of course right and the policy move is clearly not consistent with the Council’s green agenda as previously outlined by its former Lib Dem Cabinet members for the Environmental portfolio David Tattersall and Simon Shaw. Indeed, Sefton under Labour is clearly moving away from such a green agenda.

2 thoughts on “Green Waste Recycling – Sefton Council plans to charge you

  1. bobreid says:

    This proposal is wrong This proposal has not been reported directly to ratepayers. This proposal will just lead to fly tiping or the grey bins being used. The council claims that it loses money collecting the waste, how come they don’t sell the compost Sefton tip would have been a good site. Typical Labour soak the public unti the pips squeak.
    You must oppose this even as a minority and don’t do the lib. dem. trick of abstaining.
    I would suspect the green lorries will run around empty all year

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