Animals in need – An animal charity based in Melling

I was surprised when I heard that the charity was being asked to move on; they have been a fixture at Maghull Square shopping centre with their pavement stall on a Saturday for well over a dozen years now.

I know the charity is well thought of locally for its work with animals and I worry that their fund raising efforts will take quite a hit. I have tried to intervene with the private owners of the Square but clearly they are not for changing their mind.

Flea market type stalls used to be a part of many town centres but they are slowly disappearing from English towns these days. I suppose it is the power of the corporate companies who demand that our town centres all look the same; it is all rather sad.

One thought on “Animals in need – An animal charity based in Melling

  1. Lydiate Resident says:

    I myself sent an email to the Maghull Group regarding this issues and was replied to by a Michael Hanlon in the most condescending manner. I am appalled at the way he speaks to local residents who dare to oppose their money hungry ways. I do believe you were ‘CC’d into the mails by Mr Hanlon.

    So much for community spirit and supporting local causes!
    We need to take a stand against this and stand up for our local community!!

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