Has Formby Parish Council found a solution to declining maintenance standards? Grass verges for example.


Readers will know that I am a keen supporter of Parish Councils because they are the very bed rock of grass roots democracy. Why every community in the land does not have one beats me.

Anyway, a recent chat with a member of Formby Parish Council got me thinking. There, a simple but potentially effective and sustainable solution to the problem of trying to halt the decline in street maintenance standards may well have been found. Frankly, it is so sensible and straight forward you wonder why it took so long to surface but maybe all good ideas come up like this.

The Formby solution? Well, they identify high profile parts of their community, such as entry roads into the Town, and then look at say the grass verges. Now Sefton Borough may only be able to afford to cut the verges say 6 times per year but for Formby’s leaders this is simply not enough to present their community well in prominent roads/areas. On that basis Formby Parish Council says to Sefton Council, we will pay your contractor the same rate you pay them but that will be for be X number of extra cuts. No need to tender as that has already been done by the Borough Council, no form filling other than the very basic required and hopefully no declining standards.

A good idea whose time has come I would suggest.

2 thoughts on “Has Formby Parish Council found a solution to declining maintenance standards? Grass verges for example.

  1. George Formby says:

    My, my … you and your party seem to agree a lot with Conservatives, Councillor Robertson.

    So what you propose is a council tax rise by stealth (ie via the parish council precept)to subsidise the huge cuts that your party in partnership with the Conservatives are imposing on Sefton Council.

    Is that going in to your next leaflet?

    • This is an odd take on my posting indeed. I merely pointed out what I thought was a god idea and I did that despite where it came from. I don’t claim to have a monopoly on good ideas neither am I so tribal as to think that my Party does either. The economic austerity measures are horrible but they are the cause of world economic conditions and of Labour, when in Government, spending money we did not have and borrowing more money than we could afford to repay.

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